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  • reverse pitch — An angle to which the propeller blade may be turned to provide reverse thrust from the propeller. The propeller blades in this case are at a negative angle of attack …   Aviation dictionary

  • reverse pitch — noun : propeller blade pitch in which the thrust produced is opposite to that normally obtained …   Useful english dictionary

  • Pitch (card game) — Pitch Origin United States Alternative name(s) Setback, Auction Pitch, Bid Pitch, Smear Type Trick taking Players 2 7 (4 best) Cards 52 Deck Anglo American …   Wikipedia

  • pitch — I n. high pressure sales talk (colloq.) 1) to deliver a pitch 2) a sales pitch blade angle 3) a propeller pitch 4) reverse pitch intensity 5) a fever; high; low pitch (to reach a fever pitch) throw of a baseball (esp. AE) …   Combinatory dictionary

  • reverse/reversible thrust — The thrust from a power plant that can be reversed in direction to act as a brake. In reciprocating engines and turboprop aircraft, a propeller is given a negative pitch setting, or a reverse pitch. In gas turbine engines, devices are used to… …   Aviation dictionary

  • reverse/reversible pitch propeller — A propeller whose blade pitch can be reversed beyond zero, enabling it to exert a braking effect. This feature is used after touchdown and during ground maneuvering. Also called a braking propeller. See reverse pitch …   Aviation dictionary

  • Reverse (American football) — A reverse (sometimes referred to as an end reverse) is a relatively common trick play in American football that involves one or more abrupt changes in the lateral flow of a rushing play. Contents 1 Variations 2 Terminology 3 References and… …   Wikipedia

  • Reverse (cricket) — In the sport of cricket, making the ball move in the air with the older ball is called reverse swing. Conventional swingThe cricket ball often moves in the air towards or away from a batsman when a pace bowler is bowling. It is this deviation… …   Wikipedia

  • Cricket pitch — (not to scale) …   Wikipedia

  • Controllable pitch propeller — A controllable pitch propeller (CPP) or variable pitch propeller is a type of propeller with blades that can be rotated around their long axis to change their pitch. If the pitch can be set to negative values, the reversible propeller can also… …   Wikipedia

  • Audio timescale-pitch modification — Time stretching is the process of changing the speed or duration of an audio signal without affecting its pitch.Pitch scaling or pitch shifting is the reverse: the process of changing the pitch without affecting the speed. There are also more… …   Wikipedia

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