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retinal illumination

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  • retinal adaptation — the adjustment of the photoreceptor cell of the eye to the surrounding illumination …   Medical dictionary

  • photoreception — photoreceptive, adj. /foh toh ri sep sheuhn/, n. the physiological perception of light. [1905 10; PHOTO + RECEPTION] * * * Biological responses to stimulation by light, most often referring to the mechanism of vision. In one celled organisms such …   Universalium

  • Stereoscopy — Stereoscopy, stereoscopic imaging or 3 D (three dimensional) imaging is any technique capable of recording three dimensional visual information or creating the illusion of depth in an image. The illusion of depth in a photograph, movie, or other… …   Wikipedia

  • Pulfrich effect — The Pulfrich effect is a psychophysical phenomenon wherein lateral motion of an object in the field of view is interpreted by the visual cortex as having a depth component, due to a relative difference in signal timings between the two eyes. The… …   Wikipedia

  • Uvea — Infobox Anatomy Name = PAGENAME Latin = tunica vasculosa bulbi GraySubject = GrayPage = Caption = Horizontal section of the eyeball. (Iris labeled at top, ciliary body labeled at upper right, and choroid labeled at center right.) Caption2 =… …   Wikipedia

  • photon — ☆ photon [fō′tän΄ ] n. [ PHOT(O) + (ELECTR)ON] 1. Particle Physics a subatomic particle, having energy and momentum but no mass or electric charge, that is the quantum unit of electromagnetic radiation, including light: see also CLASSON 2. a unit …   English World dictionary

  • retinoscopy — A method of determining errors of refraction by illuminating the retina and observing the rays of light emerging from the eye. SYN: scotoscopy, shadow test, skiascopy. [retino + G. skopeo, to view] cylinder r. determination of sph …   Medical dictionary

  • choked reflex — in fluoroscopy, absence of movement of the retinal illumination on reaching the point of reversal …   Medical dictionary

  • photon —    A subatomic particle having zero mass, no electric charge, and an indefinitely long lifetime. Photon is also the name of a unit of retinal illumination, equal to the amount of light that reaches the retina through one square millimeter of… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • retinoscopy — ˌretənˈäskəpē noun ( es) Etymology: retin (II) + scopy : observation of the retina of the eye; specifically : a method of determining the state of refraction of the eye by illuminating the retina with a mirror and observing the direction of… …   Useful english dictionary

  • eye, human — ▪ anatomy Introduction  specialized sense organ capable of receiving visual images, which are then carried to the brain. Anatomy of the visual apparatus Structures auxiliary to the eye The orbit       The eye is protected from mechanical injury… …   Universalium

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