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respiration of soil

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  • Soil respiration — normally refers to the total CO2 efflux at the soil surface.It comprises a combination of processes:* Biotic processes, which include respiration of the rhizosphere, microbes and fauna * Chemical processes including oxidation of soil minerals,… …   Wikipedia

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  • Gley soil — in soil science is a type of hydric soil which exhibits a greenish blue grey soil color due to wetland conditions. On exposure to the air, gley colors are transformed to a mottled pattern of reddish, yellow or orange patches. During gley soil… …   Wikipedia

  • Gas diffusion in soil — The air space in soil contains oxygen to provide for respiration of plant roots and soil organisms. This air space could also contain carbon dioxide as a product of respiration of plant roots and soil organisms.Composition of air in soil and… …   Wikipedia

  • Substrat-induzierte Respiration — Die substrat induzierte Respiration (SIR, englisch: substrat induced respiration) ist eine indirekte Methode zur Bestimmung der mikrobiellen Biomasse in Böden. Sie wurde 1978 von J. P. E. Anderson und K. H. Domsch (Institut für Bodenbiologie der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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