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reserve room

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  • Reserve — Re*serve (r? z?rv ), v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Reserved}. (z?rvd );p. pr. & vb. n. {Reserving}.] [F. r[ e]server, L. reservare, reservatum; pref. re re + servare to keep. See {Serve}.] 1. To keep back; to retain; not to deliver, make over, or disclose …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • room — n. partitioned part of a building 1) to rent a room from 2) to let (BE), let out (BE), rent, rent out (AE) a room to 3) to book (BE), reserve a room 4) an adjoining; back; baggage (AE); banquet room; bathroom; bedroom; board; changing (BE),… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • reserve — I n. restraint, coolness 1) to display, show reserve 2) to break down smb. s reserve limitation, restriction 3) without reserve (to accept a proposal without reserve) availability 4) in reserve (to hold/keep smt. in reserve) tract of land 5) a… …   Combinatory dictionary

  • ReServe Interactive — infobox software website = http://www.reserveinteractive.com/ReServe Interactive, in operation since 1996, is headquartered in Delafield, Wisconsin, USA, with its sales and service office located in Livermore, California, USA. The company… …   Wikipedia

  • reserve — re|serve1 W3 [rıˈzə:v US ə:rv] v [T] [Date: 1300 1400; : Old French; Origin: reserver, from Latin reservare to keep back , from servare to keep ] 1.) to arrange for a place in a hotel, restaurant, plane etc to be kept for you to use at a… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • reserve — [[t]rɪzɜ͟ː(r)v[/t]] ♦♦ reserves, reserving, reserved 1) VERB: usu passive If something is reserved for a particular person or purpose, it is kept specially for that person or purpose. [be V ed for n] A double room with a balcony overlooking the… …   English dictionary

  • reserve — re|serve1 [ rı zɜrv ] noun ** ▸ 1 supply of something ▸ 2 player not chosen ▸ 3 soldiers not fighting ▸ 4 shy behavior ▸ 5 area for animals ▸ 6 reserve price ▸ + PHRASES 1. ) count usually plural a supply of something that a country or an… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • reserve */*/ — I UK [rɪˈzɜː(r)v] / US [rɪˈzɜrv] noun Word forms reserve : singular reserve plural reserves 1) a) [countable, usually plural] a supply of something that a country or an organization can use when they need to Germany s coal reserves were… …   English dictionary

  • reserve — I. transitive verb (reserved; reserving) Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo French reserver, from Latin reservare, literally, to keep back, from re + servare to keep more at conserve Date: 14th century 1. a. to hold in reserve ; keep back <… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • reserve — [rɪˈzɜːv] noun I 1) [C] a supply of something that a country, an organization, or a person can use Norway s oil reserves[/ex] We discovered reserves of strength that we didn t realize we had.[/ex] 2) [C] a player who has not been chosen to play… …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • reserve — re·serve || rɪ zÉœrv / zɜːv n. stock, supply; military force that is not on active duty but can be mobilized as needed; park, area of land set aside for a specific use; restraint, reticence, formality of behavior; supply of readily available… …   English contemporary dictionary


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