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  • reference mark — ref′erence mark n. pri lib any of various symbols, as an asterisk (*), dagger (†), or superscript number, used to direct a reader to further information in a footnote, bibliography, or other text • Etymology: 1855–60 …   From formal English to slang

  • reference-mark — refˈerence mark noun A character, such as *, †, or a superscript figure, used to refer to notes, etc • • • Main Entry: ↑refer …   Useful english dictionary

  • cross-reference — cross′ ref′erence v. t. ref•er•enced, ref•er•enc•ing 1) cvb to provide with cross references 2) cvb to cross refer • Etymology: 1900–05 …   From formal English to slang

  • sacred cow —    The English idiom sacred cow was coined with ref erence to the veneration of cows that is common in India, but it reflects a degree of misunderstand ing. Hindus do venerate and respect cows, but they do not regularly worship them; nor do they… …   Encyclopedia of Hinduism

  • bunny-boiler — n a vengeful, dangerous female. The ref erence is to the 1987 film Fatal Attrac tion in which a jilted woman kills (by boiling) the pet rabbit belonging to her ex lover s family. The term has become very widespread. ► Coronation Street bunny… …   Contemporary slang

  • jessie — n British a weak or effeminate man. A Scottish and northern English term of ridicule which has become widespread since the mid 1970s, partly due to the influence of comics such as the Scot, Billy Connolly. It is synonymous with nellie and big… …   Contemporary slang

  • McDonald — n British the sum of £250 or, more usually, £250,000 in the argot of City of London financial traders in the 1990s. The ref erence is to the McDonald s quarter pounder hamburger …   Contemporary slang

  • tinkler — n British the penis. A nursery term from tinkle, also applied ironically or derisively in ref erence to older males …   Contemporary slang

  • cross reference — cross′ ref′erence n. a reference from one part of a book, index, etc., to related material in another part • Etymology: 1825–35 …   From formal English to slang

  • frame of reference — frame′ of ref′erence n. pl. frames of reference a structure of concepts, values, customs, or views by means of which an individual or group perceives or evaluates data, communicates ideas, and regulates behavior • Etymology: 1895–1900 …   From formal English to slang

  • self-reference — self′ ref′erence n. off reference made to oneself, to one s own character or experience, or to a group with which one identifies self′ referen′tial, self′ refer′ring, adj. usage: Social, ethnic, or other groups often use terms of self reference… …   From formal English to slang

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