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red shift of spectral lines

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  • red shift — /ˈrɛd ʃɪft / (say red shift) noun a shift of spectral lines toward the red end of the visible spectrum in the light emitted by a receding celestial body; thought to be a consequence of the Doppler effect. Compare blue shift …   Australian English dictionary

  • Spectral line — Continuous spectrum Emission line …   Wikipedia

  • shift — v. & n. v. 1 intr. & tr. change or move or cause to change or move from one position to another. 2 tr. remove, esp. with effort (washing won t shift the stains). 3 sl. a intr. hurry (we ll have to shift!). b tr. consume (food or drink) hastily or …   Useful english dictionary

  • Red — This article is about the color. For other uses, see Red (disambiguation). Red   Spectral coordinates  Wavelength 620–740 …   Wikipedia

  • blue shift — /ˈblu ʃɪft/ (say blooh shift) noun a shift of spectral lines toward the blue end of the visible spectrum of the light emitted by an approaching celestial body; thought to be a consequence of the Doppler effect of red shift …   Australian English dictionary

  • Bathochromic shift — is a change of spectral band position in the absorption, reflectance, transmittance, or emission spectrum of a molecule to a longer wavelength (lower frequency).This can occur because of a change in environmental conditions: for example, a change …   Wikipedia

  • Tired light — is a class of hypothetical redshift mechanisms that were proposed as an alternative explanation for the redshift distance relationship as alternatives to the Big Bang and the Steady State cosmologies, both of which proposed that Hubble s law was… …   Wikipedia

  • Big Bang — This article is about the cosmological model. For the sitcom, see The Big Bang Theory. For other uses, see Big Bang (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • Fritz Zwicky — Born February 14, 1898 Varna, Principality of Bulgaria Died …   Wikipedia

  • Erwin Finlay-Freundlich — After finishing his thesis with Felix Klein at the University of Göttingen in 1910, he became assistant at the Observatory in Berlin, where he became associated with Einstein. During a solar eclipse expedition in 1914 to verify general relativity …   Wikipedia

  • Fritz Zwicky — Pour les articles homonymes, voir Zwicky. Fritz Zwicky Naissance 14 février 1898 Varna ( …   Wikipédia en Français

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