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recognition sequence (site)

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  • Recognition sequence — The recognition sequence, also referred to as recognition site, of any DNA binding protein motif that exhibits binding specificity, refers to the DNA sequence (or subset thereof), to which the domain is specific.The transcription factor Sp1 for… …   Wikipedia

  • recognition sequence — Synonym of recognition site …   Glossary of Biotechnology

  • Recognition — (re+cognition) is a process that occurs in thinking when some event, process, pattern, or object recurrs . Thus in order for something to be recognized, it must be familiar. This recurrence allows the recognizer to more properly react, survival… …   Wikipedia

  • recognition site — A nucleotide sequence, typically 4 8bp long and often palindromic, that is recognized by, and at which a restriction endonuclease binds to the DNA. For some restriction endonucleases, the presence of a methylated residue within the recognition… …   Glossary of Biotechnology

  • Site-specific recombination — ite specific recombinationIn site specific recombination, DNA strand exchange takes place between segments possessing only a limited degree of sequence homology (Kolb 2002; Coates et al., 2005). Site specific recombinases perform rearrangements… …   Wikipedia

  • Séquence de Kozak — La séquence de Kozak ou séquence Kozak est une séquence conservée que l on trouve sur les ARN messagers eucaryotes au niveau du site de démarrage de la traduction, autour du codon de démarrage AUG[1]. Chez les vertébrés, la séquence de Kozak a… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Consensus sequence — In molecular biology and bioinformatics, consensus sequence refers to the most common nucleotide or amino acid at a particular position after multiple sequences are aligned. A consensus sequence is a way of representing the results of a multiple… …   Wikipedia

  • DNA binding site — DNA binding sites are a type of binding site found in DNA where other molecules may bind. DNA binding sites are distinct from other binding sites in that (1) they are part of a DNA sequence (e.g. a genome) and (2) they are bound by DNA binding… …   Wikipedia

  • Target-site overlap — In a zinc finger protein, certain sequences of amino acid residues are able to recognise and bind to an extended target site of four or even five nucleotidescite journal |author=Wolfe SA, Grant RA, Elrod Erickson M, Pabo CO |title=Beyond the… …   Wikipedia

  • Kozak consensus sequence — The Kozak consensus sequence, Kozak consensus or Kozak sequence, is a sequence which occurs on eukaryotic mRNA and has the consensus (gcc)gccRccAUGG, where R is a purine (adenine or guanine) three bases upstream of the start codon (AUG), which is …   Wikipedia

  • cleaved amplified polymorphic sequence — A segment of DNA that can be amplified by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and which contains a DNA sequence polymorphism. Following PCR amplification of a locus, the amplicon is treated with a restriction endonuclease. If the recognition site for …   Glossary of Biotechnology

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