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rate of evaporation

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  • Evaporation — is the process by which molecules in a liquid state (e.g. water) spontaneously become gaseous (e.g. water vapor). It is the opposite of condensation. Generally, evaporation can be seen by the gradual disappearance of a liquid when exposed to a… …   Wikipedia

  • evaporation — evaporative /i vap euh ray tiv, euhr euh tiv/, adj. evaporatively, adv. /i vap euh ray sheuhn/, n. 1. the act or process of evaporating. 2. the state of being evaporated. 3. Archaic. matter or the quantity of matter evaporated or passed off in… …   Universalium

  • Evaporation (deposition) — Evaporation machine used for metallization at LAAS technological facility in Toulouse, France. Evaporation is a common method of thin film deposition. The source material is evaporated in a vacuum. The vacuum allows vapor particles to travel… …   Wikipedia

  • evaporation rate — garavimo sparta statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. evaporating rate; evaporation rate vok. Verdampfungsgeschwindigkeit, f; Verdampfungsrate, f rus. скорость испарения, f; скорость парообразования, f pranc. vitesse de vaporisation, f;… …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • evaporation rate — garinimo sparta statusas T sritis fizika atitikmenys: angl. evaporation rate; vaporization rate vok. Verdampfungsgeschwindigkeit, f rus. скорость испарения, f pranc. vitesse de vaporisation, f; vitesse d’évaporation, f …   Fizikos terminų žodynas

  • evaporation rate — užgarinimo sparta statusas T sritis radioelektronika atitikmenys: angl. evaporation rate vok. Aufdampfrate, f rus. скорость напыления, f pranc. vitesse d évaporation, f …   Radioelektronikos terminų žodynas

  • evaporation pool — pan of liquid used as a tool to measure the rate of water evaporation, atmometer …   English contemporary dictionary

  • evaporation rate —    A measure of the quantity of a liquid converted to vapor in a unit of time. Among single component liquids, the rate varies directly with the surface area, the temperature and the vapor pressure, and inversely with the latent heat of… …   Forensic science glossary

  • evaporation — 1. A change from liquid to vapor form. 2. Loss of volume of a liquid by conversion into vapor. SYN: volatilization. [L. e, out, + vaporo, to emit vapor] * * * evap·o·ra·tion i .vap ə rā shən …   Medical dictionary

  • evaporation reduction —    The rate control of escape of water vapor from an open surface [16] …   Lexicon of Cave and Karst Terminology

  • Pan evaporation — is a measurement that combines or integrates the effects of several climate elements: temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and wind. Evaporation is greatest on hot, windy, dry days; and is greatly reduced when air is cool, calm, and humid… …   Wikipedia

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