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random structure

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  • Structure formation — refers to a fundamental problem in physical cosmology. The universe, as is now known from observations of the cosmic microwave background radiation, began in a hot, dense, nearly uniform state approximately 13.7 Gyr ago. [cite journal |author=D.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Random naive Bayes — extends the Naive Bayes classifier by adopting the random forest principles: random input selection (bagging, i.e. bootstrap aggregating) and random feature selection ( [Breiman, 2001] ). Naive Bayes classifier Naive Bayes is a probabilistic… …   Wikipedia

  • Structure des proteines — Structure des protéines La structure des protéines est la composition en acides aminés et la conformation en trois dimensions des protéines. Elle décrit la position relative des différents atomes qui composent une protéine donnée. Les protéines… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Random coil — A random coil is a polymer conformation where the monomer subunits are oriented randomly while still being bonded to adjacent units. It is not one specific shape, but a statistical distribution of shapes for all the chains in a population of… …   Wikipedia

  • Random variable — A random variable is a rigorously defined mathematical entity used mainly to describe chance and probability in a mathematical way. The structure of random variables was developed and formalized to simplify the analysis of games of chance,… …   Wikipedia

  • Random walk — A random walk, sometimes denoted RW, is a mathematical formalization of a trajectory that consists of taking successive random steps. The results of random walk analysis have been applied to computer science, physics, ecology, economics and a… …   Wikipedia

  • Random permutation statistics — The statistics of random permutations, such as the cycle structure of a random permutation are of fundamental importance in the analysis of algorithms, especially of sorting algorithms, which operate on random permutations. Suppose, for example,… …   Wikipedia

  • Random field — A random field is a generalization of a stochastic process such that the underlying parameter need no longer be a simple real, but can instead be a multidimensional vector space or even a manifold.At its most basic, discrete case, a random field… …   Wikipedia

  • Random map — In gaming, a random map is a map generated randomly by the computer, usually in real time strategy games. Random maps are often the core of single and multiplayer gameplay, aside from story based campaigns that are often shipped with the game.… …   Wikipedia

  • Random access — In computer science, random access (sometimes called direct access) is the ability to access an arbitrary element of a sequence in equal time. The opposite is sequential access, where a remote element takes longer time to access. A typical… …   Wikipedia


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