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primitive element

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  • Primitive element — In mathematics, the term primitive element can mean: * Primitive root modulo n , in number theory * Primitive element (field theory), an element that generates a given field extension * Primitive element (finite field), an element that generates… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive element theorem — In mathematics, more specifically in field theory, the primitive element theorem provides a characterization of the finite field extensions which are simple and thus can be generated by the adjunction of a single primitive element. Primitive… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive element (finite field) — In field theory, a branch of mathematics, a primitive element of a finite field GF ( q ) is a generator of the multiplicative group of the field, which is necessarily cyclic. The minimal polynomial of a primitive element is a primitive polynomial …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive — is a subjective label used to imply that one thing is less sophisticated or less advanced than some other thing. Being a comparative word it is also relative in nature.Indigenous peoples and their beliefs and practices are sometimes described as… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive root modulo n — In modular arithmetic, a branch of number theory, a primitive root modulo n is any number g with the property that any number coprime to n is congruent to a power of g (mod n ). That is, if g is a primitive root (mod n ) and gcd( a , n ) = 1,… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive polynomial — In field theory, a branch of mathematics, a primitive polynomial is the minimal polynomial of a primitive element of the finite extension field GF( p m ). In other words, a polynomial F(X) with coefficients in GF( p ) = Z/ p Z is a primitive… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive root — In mathematics, a primitive root may mean either* a primitive root modulo n in modular arithmetic, or * a primitive n th root of unity amongst the solutions of xn = 1 in a field.See also: primitive element …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive Methodism — methodismPrimitive Methodism was a major movement in English Methodism from about 1810 until the Methodist Union in 1932. The Primitive Methodist Church still exists in the United States. OriginsPrimitive Methodism was born in Staffordshire in… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive recursive function — The primitive recursive functions are defined using primitive recursion and composition as central operations and are a strict subset of the recursive functions (recursive functions are also known as computable functions). The term was coined by… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive permutation group — In mathematics, a permutation group G acting on a set X is called primitive if G preserves no nontrivial partition of X . In the other case, G is imprimitive. An imprimitive permutation group is an example of an induced representation; examples… …   Wikipedia

  • Primitive Einheitszelle — Die Bestandteile der Kristallstruktur Eine Elementarzelle (manchmal auch Einheitszelle genannt) ist eine Einheit, aus der durch wiederholte Translation in drei Richtungen ein Kristallgitter aufgebaut werden kann. Sie wird durch sechs… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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