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power generating capacity

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  • Reserve generating capacity —   Amount of generating capacity available to meet peak or abnormally high demands for power and to generate power during scheduled or unscheduled outages.   U.S. Dept. of Energy, Energy Information Administration s Energy Glossary   ***   The… …   Energy terms

  • Reserve Generating Capacity —   The amount of power that can be produced at a given point in time by generating units that are kept available in case of special need. This capacity may e used when unusually high power demand occurs, or when other generating units are off line …   Energy terms

  • Capacity —   The load that a power generation unit or other electrical apparatus or heating unit is rated by the manufacture to be able to meet or supply.   The maximum load a generating unit, generating station, or other electrical apparatus is rated to… …   Energy terms

  • Power Holding Company of Nigeria — The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (abbreviated PHC or PHCN), formerly the National Electric Power Authority (abbreviated NEPA) is an organisation governing the use of electricity in Nigeria. The company runs a football team, NEPA Lagos. It… …   Wikipedia

  • capacity — [[t]kəpæ̱sɪti[/t]] ♦♦♦ capacities 1) N VAR: oft with poss, N for n/ ing, N to inf Your capacity for something is your ability to do it, or the amount of it that you are able to do. Our capacity for giving care, love and attention is limited...… …   English dictionary

  • Capacity transaction —   The acquisition of a specified quantity of generating capacity from another utility for a specified period of time. The utility selling the power is obligated to make available to the buyer a specified quantity of power.   U.S. Dept. of Energy …   Energy terms

  • Power system simulation — models are a class of computer simulation programs that focus on the operation of electrical power systems. These computer programs are used in a wide range of planning and operational situations including: #Long term generation and transmission… …   Wikipedia

  • Capacity Factor —   The ratio of the average load on (or power output of) a generating unit or system to the capacity rating of the unit or system over a specified period of time.   ***   The ratio of the electrical energy produced by a generating unit for the… …   Energy terms

  • Power Purchase Agreement — A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a legal contract between an electricity generator and a purchaser of energy or capacity (power or ancillary services). Such agreements play a key role in the financing of electricity generating assets. Under… …   Wikipedia

  • power — noun 1) the power of speech Syn: ability, capacity, capability, potential, faculty, competence Ant: inability 2) the unions wield enormous power Syn: control, a …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • power — noun 1) the power of speech Syn: ability, capacity, capability, potential, faculty 2) the union has enormous power Syn: control, authority, influence, dominance, sway, leverage …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

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