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polar radius

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  • Radius of curvature (applications) — The distance from the center of a sphere or ellipsoid to its surface is its radius. The equivalent surface radius that is described by radial distances at points along the body s surface is its radius of curvature (more formally, the radius of… …   Wikipedia

  • Polar moment of inertia — is a quantity used to predict an object s ability to resist torsion, in objects (or segments of objects) with an invariant circular cross section and no significant warping or out of plane deformation.Ugural AC, Fenster SK. Advanced Strength and… …   Wikipedia

  • polar co-ordinates — plural noun (mathematics) Co ordinates defining a point by means of a radius vector and the angle which it makes with a fixed line through the origin • • • Main Entry: ↑polar …   Useful english dictionary

  • Radius vector — Ra di*us vec tor (v[e^]k t[o^]r). 1. (Math.) A straight line (or the length of such line) connecting any point, as of a curve, with a fixed point, or pole, round which the straight line turns, and to which it serves to refer the successive points …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Polar coordinate system — Points in the polar coordinate system with pole O and polar axis L. In green, the point with radial coordinate 3 and angular coordinate 60 …   Wikipedia

  • Polar bear — This article is about the animal. For other uses, see Polar bear (disambiguation) …   Wikipedia

  • Polar coordinates — Coordinate Co*[ o]r di*nate, n. 1. A thing of the same rank with another thing; one two or more persons or things of equal rank, authority, or importance. [1913 Webster] It has neither co[ o]rdinate nor analogon; it is absolutely one. Coleridge.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • polar coordinates — Math. a system of coordinates for locating a point in a plane by the length of its radius vector and the angle this vector makes with the polar axis (polar angle). [1810 20] * * *       system of locating points in a plane with reference to a… …   Universalium

  • Polar decomposition — In mathematics, particularly in linear algebra and functional analysis, the polar decomposition of a matrix or linear operator is a factorization analogous to the polar form of a nonzero complex number z where r is the absolute value of z (a… …   Wikipedia

  • Radius (disambiguation) — A radius is a straight line from the center to the boundary of a geometric object, especially a circle, sphere, or disk.Radius may also refer to:* Any of several concepts closely related to the above, including ** Radius of curvature, a measure… …   Wikipedia

  • Polar jet — You may be looking for relativistic jet, a polar jet emitted at relativistic speed. A polar jet is a phenomenon often seen in astronomy, where streams of matter are emitted along the axis of rotation of a compact object. It is usually caused by… …   Wikipedia

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