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  • piloid — Hairlike; resembling hair. [pilo + G. eidos, resemblance] …   Medical dictionary

  • piloid astrocytoma — 1. pilocytic a. 2. polar spongioblastoma …   Medical dictionary

  • astrocytoma — A glioma derived from astrocytes. [G. astron, star, + kytos, cell, + oma, tumor] anaplastic a. intermediate grade a. characterized by increased cellularity, nuclear pleomorphism, mitoses, and variable …   Medical dictionary

  • gliosis — Overgrowth of the astrocytes in an area of damage in the brain or spinal cord. isomorphous g. a g. in which there is a regular and ordered arrangement of glial fibers. piloid g. an area of chronic, reactive …   Medical dictionary

  • polar spongioblastoma — spongioblastoma polare a rare malignant brain tumor seen from childhood to young adulthood, characterized by palisades of unipolar spongioblasts; sites may be either cerebral or cerebellar. Called also piloid astrocytoma and unipolar s …   Medical dictionary