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  • 1 jam

    [‹æm] I noun
    (a thick sticky substance made of fruit etc preserved by being boiled with sugar: raspberry jam; ( also adjective) a jam sandwich.) džem; s džemem
    II 1. past tense, past participle - jammed; verb
    1) (to crowd full: The gateway was jammed with angry people.) ucpat (se), zatarasit
    2) (to squeeze, press or wedge tightly or firmly: He jammed his foot in the doorway.) vmáčknout
    3) (to stick and (cause to) be unable to move: The door / steering-wheel has jammed.) zadřít se
    4) ((of a radio station) to cause interference with (another radio station's broadcast) by sending out signals on a similar wavelength.) rušit
    2. noun
    1) (a crowding together of vehicles, people etc so that movement is difficult or impossible: traffic-jams.) zácpa, tlačenice
    2) (a difficult situation: I'm in a bit of a jam - I haven't got enough money to pay for this meal.) průšvih
    * * *
    • ucpat
    • zablokovat
    • marmeláda
    • džem
    • dopravní zácpa

    English-Czech dictionary > jam

  • 2 jammy

    adjective (covered with jam: jammy fingers.) umazaný džemem

    English-Czech dictionary > jammy

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