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  • 1 permit

    n. ruhsat, izin, müsaade, permi, izin belgesi
    v. izin vermek, olanak vermek, ruhsat vermek, müsait olmak
    * * *
    1. izin ver (v.) 2. izin (n.)
    * * *
    1. [pə'mit] past tense, past participle - permitted; verb
    1) (to agree to (another person's action); to allow or let (someone do something): Permit me to answer your question; Smoking is not permitted.) izin vermek
    2) (to make possible: My aunt's legacy permitted me to go to America.) olanak sağlamak
    2. ['pə:mit] noun
    (a written order allowing a person to do something: We have a permit to export our product.) izin belgesi, ruhsat

    English-Turkish dictionary > permit

  • 2 permit of

    v. izin vermek, göz yummak, hoşgörmek

    English-Turkish dictionary > permit of

  • 3 permit of

    v. izin vermek, göz yummak, hoşgörmek

    English-Turkish dictionary > permit of

  • 4 permit

    izin vermek, birakmak, müsaadeli patlayici, olurlu patlayici

    English to Turkish dictionary > permit

  • 5 permit

    v.izin ver:n.izin

    English-Turkish new dictionary > permit

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