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pencil cap

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  • Pencil detonator — Introduced during World War II, a pencil detonator or time pencil is a chemically activated time fuze designed to be connected to a detonator or short length of safety fuse. Pencil detonators are so called because they have approximately the same …   Wikipedia

  • Mechanical pencil — A mechanical pencil (U.S. English) or a propelling pencil (UK English)[1][2][3] is a pencil with a replaceable and mechanically extendable solid pigment core called a lead (  / …   Wikipedia

  • Clearpoint Mechanical Pencil — The Papermate Clearpoint is a mechanical pencil by the Papermate corporation. It features a fat design with side lead advancer. Also it has a clear body with a translucent colored cap and a rubbery grip with the same color as the cap. The grip is …   Wikipedia

  • Taqiyah (cap) — For teaching on concealment in some Islamic sects, see Taqiyya. Various takiyah on display in Pettah market, Colombo, Sri Lanka …   Wikipedia

  • Eraser — For other uses, see Eraser (disambiguation). Pink erasers An eraser (US) or rubber (UK) is an article of stationery that is used for rubbing out pencil markings. Erasers have a rubbery consistency and are often white or pink, although modern… …   Wikipedia

  • Keshi — (Japanese: 消し or ケシ) aka keshigomu (消しゴム, for Keshi Gum) is the Japanese for eraser. Modern reference to keshi is related to a collectible manga/anime character mini figure made of coloured hard gum. However, keshi is not restrictive to its… …   Wikipedia

  • Official (Canadian football) — An official in Canadian football is a person who has responsibility in enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game. Contents 1 Equipment 2 Uniform 3 Positions and responsibilities 3.1 Referee …   Wikipedia

  • Marvelmania International — First Marvelmania Club Catalog. Cover art by Jack Kirby Marvelmania International was comic book publisher Marvel Comics in house fan club from 1969 to 1971, which absorbed the Merry Marvel Marching Society begun in 1964. It included a six issue… …   Wikipedia

  • Lamy — See Lamy (disambiguation) for other meanings Lamy (pronEng|ˈlɑːmɪ) is a producer of fountain pens in Europe. The company is German owned and its presence is particularly strong there. Josef Lamy, who was a sales representative for The Parker Pen… …   Wikipedia

  • P207 — The P200 Series is a mechanical pencil built by Pentel. It has a 3,4,5,7,or 9 mm bore for lead, and is used primarily as a draft pencil. Construction The barrel is constructed out of black, burgundy, blue, brown or yellow plastic. The Length is… …   Wikipedia

  • Official (American football) — NFL officials (striped shirts) and guests prepare to toss the coin to start the 40th annual Pro Bowl. In American football, an official is a person who has responsibility in enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game. During… …   Wikipedia

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