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parthian shot

  • 1 ayrılırken söylenen dokunaklı söz

    n. parthian shot, parting shot, parthian shaft

    Turkish-English dictionary > ayrılırken söylenen dokunaklı söz

  • 2 açı çekimi

    angle shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > açı çekimi

  • 3 arşiv çekimi

    library shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > arşiv çekimi

  • 4 aşı

    adj. disobedient, insurgent, rebel, beat, contumacious, insubordinate, insurrectional, insurrectionary, mutinous, rebellious, seditious, ungovernable, unruly, unsubmissive, wayward
    n. insurgent, insurrectionist, mugwump, mutineer, rebel, rioter
    * * *
    1. antiserum 2. booster shot 3. immunization 4. vaccine

    Turkish-English dictionary > aşı

  • 5 atış

    adj. shooting
    n. beat, throw, firing, shooting, shot, burst, chuck, fling, gunshot, inning, innings, pistol shot, projection, put, shoot, shy
    * * *
    1. shot 2. casting (n.) 3. shooting (n.) 4. squabble (v.) 5. cast (n.) 6. shot (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > atış

  • 6 bağlayıcı çekim

    linking shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > bağlayıcı çekim

  • 7 boşalma

    n. ejaculation, orgasm, discharge, empty, climax, shot
    * * *
    1. depletion 2. discharge (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > boşalma

  • 8 çekim

    adj. flexional, gravitational
    n. attraction, pull, gravity, force of gravity, gravitation, shot, shooting, filming, inflection, inflexion, conjugation, declension, draw, shoot, flexion, flection
    * * *
    1. attraction 2. gravitation

    Turkish-English dictionary > çekim

  • 9 deneme

    adj. crack, test, testing, trial, pilot
    n. trial, testing, test, experimentation, experiment, shot, try, try out, assay, bash, dissertation, effort, essay, fling, go, practice, probation, proof, proving, study, tentative, touch, whack, workout
    deneme (araç)
    n. shakedown
    * * *
    1. experiment 2. experimentation 3. trial 4. trying (n.) 5. testing (n.) 6. try (n.) 7. assay (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > deneme

  • 10 denemek

    v. have a stab at, try, test, experiment, try out, give it a try, give it a shot, have a try, experience, attempt, have a go, have a go at, assay, chance, condition, essay, prove, put, sample, have a shy at, take a chance, put to the touch
    denemek (elbise)
    v. try on
    * * *
    1. test 2. try

    Turkish-English dictionary > denemek

  • 11 doldurulmuş

    adj. filled up, loaded, stuffed, shot through
    * * *
    1. stuffed (adj.) 2. filled (adj.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > doldurulmuş

  • 12 dolu

    adj. full, filled, loaded, crowded, occupied, engaged, abounding, abundant, alive with, capacity, fraught, instinct, instinct with, laden, replete, rife, shot, shot through, steeped in, thick with
    n. hail
    * * *
    1. brimful of 2. full 3. hail 4. replete 5. full (adj.) 6. crammed (adj.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > dolu

  • 13 eğik çekim

    canted shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > eğik çekim

  • 14 ekran resmi

    screen shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > ekran resmi

  • 15 el

    adj. carry on, hand, hand operated, hand held
    n. hand, fist, flapper, one shot, other person, fin
    el (çocuk)
    n. pud
    * * *
    1. cheir 2. hand 3. hand (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > el

  • 16 faul atışı

    n. keyhole, foul shot
    * * *
    foul shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > faul atışı

  • 17 fotograf

    n. photo, photograph, shot
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > fotograf

  • 18 fotoğraf

    n. photo, photograph, shot
    * * *

    Turkish-English dictionary > fotoğraf

  • 19 geniş plan

    long shot

    Turkish-English dictionary > geniş plan

  • 20 girişim

    n. interference, Enterprise, undertaking, go, approach, attempt, bid, effort, essay, fist, initiative, ploy, shot, show, step, trial, venture
    * * *
    1. attempt 2. business enterprise 3. interference 4. undertaking (n.)

    Turkish-English dictionary > girişim

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