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parameter passing

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  • parameter passing — parametrų perdavimas statusas T sritis informatika apibrėžtis Veiksmai, susiejantys paprogramių (funkcijų ir procedūrų) ↑formaliuosius parametrus su ↑faktiniais parametrais kreipimosi į jas atveju. Paprastai atitinkamybė tarp formaliųjų ir… …   Enciklopedinis kompiuterijos žodynas

  • Parameter (computer science) — In computer programming, a parameter is a variable which takes on the meaning of a corresponding argument passed in a call to a subroutine. In the most common case, call by value, a parameter acts within the subroutine as a local (isolated) copy… …   Wikipedia

  • Procedural parameter — In computing, a procedural parameter is a parameter of a procedure that is itself a procedure.This concept is an extremely powerful and versatile programming tool, because it allows programmers to modify certain steps of a library procedure in… …   Wikipedia

  • Continuation-passing style — In functional programming, continuation passing style (CPS) is a style of programming in which control is passed explicitly in the form of a continuation. Gerald Jay Sussman and Guy L. Steele, Jr. coined the phrase in AI Memo 349 (1975), which… …   Wikipedia

  • Message Passing Interface — MPI MPI Logo Basisdaten Entwickler Argonne National Laboratory Aktuelle Version …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Message passing — This article is about the computer science concept. For other uses, see Message passing (disambiguation). Message passing in computer science is a form of communication used in parallel computing, object oriented programming, and interprocess… …   Wikipedia

  • Named parameter — In computer programming, named parameters or keyword arguments refer to a computer language s support for function calls that clearly state the name of each parameter within the function call itself. Contents 1 Overview 2 Use in programming… …   Wikipedia

  • Variational message passing — (VMP) is an approximate inference technique for continuous valued Bayesian networks, with conjugate exponential parents, developed by John Winn in his PhD thesis. John Winn is now at Microsoft Research. VMP was developed as a means of… …   Wikipedia

  • Perl 6 — Infobox programming language name = Perl paradigm = Multi paradigm year = 2000 designer = Larry Wall latest release version = pre release latest release date = typing = dynamic, static influenced by = Perl 5, Haskell, Smalltalk influenced =… …   Wikipedia

  • Reference (C++) — In the C++ programming language, a reference is a simple reference datatype that is less powerful but safer than the pointer type inherited from C. The name C++ reference may cause confusion, as in computer science a reference is a general… …   Wikipedia

  • TUTOR (programming language) — Infobox programming language name = TUTOR (aka PLATO Author Language) paradigm = imperative (procedural) year = c. 1965 designer = Paul Tenczar Richard Blomme [from page 4 of The TUTOR Language by Bruce Sherwood, 1974.] developer = Paul Tenczar… …   Wikipedia

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