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output coefficient

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  • input-output coefficient — input output coefficient, a coefficient used in input output tables to measure the value of the purchases by one industry of another industry s products that are needed to produce $1000 worth of sales by the first industry …   Useful english dictionary

  • Output elasticity — In economics, output elasticity is the percentage change of output (GDP or production of a single firm) divided by the percentage change of an input. It is sometimes called partial output elasticity to clarify that it refers to the change of only …   Wikipedia

  • Coefficient of performance — The coefficient of performance or COP (sometimes CP), of a heat pump is the ratio of the change in heat at the output (the heat reservoir of interest) to the supplied work. Contents 1 Equation 2 Derivation 3 Improving COP 4 …   Wikipedia

  • Coefficient of Performance — (COP)   A ratio of the work or useful energy output of a system versus the amount of work or energy inputted into the system as determined by using the same energy equivalents for energy in and out. Is used as a measure of the steady state… …   Energy terms

  • Coefficient of Utilization — (CU)   A term used for lighting appliances; the ratio of lumens received on a flat surface to the light output, in lumens, from a lamp; used to evaluate the effectiveness of luminaries in delivering light …   Energy terms

  • Void coefficient — In nuclear engineering, the void coefficient (more properly called void coefficient of reactivity ) is a number that can be used to estimate how much the reactivity of a nuclear reactor changes as voids (steam bubbles) form in the reactor… …   Wikipedia

  • Binomial coefficient — The binomial coefficients can be arranged to form Pascal s triangle. In mathematics, binomial coefficients are a family of positive integers that occur as coefficients in the binomial theorem. They are indexed by two nonnegative integers; the… …   Wikipedia

  • Measures of national income and output — A variety of measures of national income and output are used in economics to estimate total economic activity in a country or region, including gross domestic product (GDP), gross national product (GNP), and net national income (NNI). All are… …   Wikipedia

  • Emission coefficient — is a coefficient in the power output per unit time of an electromagnetic source, a calculated value in physics. It is also used as a measure of environmental emissions (by mass) per MWh of electricity generated, see: Emission factor. Scattering… …   Wikipedia

  • inverse coefficient — inverse coefficient, Economics. a coefficient used in input output tables to show to what extent the demand for one industry s products affects the production requirements of another industry …   Useful english dictionary

  • Temperature Coefficient — (of a solar photovoltaic cell)   The amount that the voltage, current, and/or power output of a solar cell changes due to a change in the cell temperature …   Energy terms

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