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orthogonal design

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  • Principle of Orthogonal Design — The Principle of Orthogonal Design (abbreviated POOD) was developed by database researchers David McGoveran and Christopher J. Date in the early 1990s, and first published A New Database Design Principle in the July 1994 issue of Database… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal instruction set — is a term used in computer engineering. A computer s instruction set is said to be orthogonal if any instruction can use data of any type via any addressing mode. The word orthogonal, which means right angle in this context, implies that it is… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal Defect Classification — (ODC) ist ein Modell zur Fehlerklassifikation in der Softwareentwicklung, das bei IBM entwickelt wurde. Durch die Klassifikation von Fehlern nach bestimmten Kategorien und Attributen lassen sich Zusammenhänge zwischen dem Entwicklungsprozess und… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing — Passband modulation v · d · e Analog modulation AM · …   Wikipedia

  • Design of experiments — In general usage, design of experiments (DOE) or experimental design is the design of any information gathering exercises where variation is present, whether under the full control of the experimenter or not. However, in statistics, these terms… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal convex hull — The orthogonal convex hull of a point set In Euclidean geometry, a set is defined to be orthogonally convex if, for every line L that is parallel to one of the axes of the Cartesian coordinate system, the intersection of K with L is empty, a… …   Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal array testing — See also: Latin square Orthogonal array testing is a black box testing technique which is a systematic, statistical way of software testing .[1] [2]It is used when the number of inputs to the system is relatively small, but too large to allow for …   Wikipedia

  • Orthogonal Defect Classification — Software Testing portal Orthogonal Defect Classification (ODC) was invented by IBM Research to establish a foundation for providing analysis and feedback of defect data targeting quality issues in software design and code in a procedural language …   Wikipedia

  • Policy-based design — Policy based design, also known as policy based class design or policy based programming, is a computer programming paradigm based on an idiom for C++ known as policies. It has been described as a compile time variant of the strategy pattern, and …   Wikipedia

  • Database design — is the process of producing a detailed data model of a database. This logical data model contains all the needed logical and physical design choices and physical storage parameters needed to generate a design in a Data Definition Language, which… …   Wikipedia

  • Central composite design — In statistics, a central composite design is an experimental design, useful in response surface methodology, for building a second order (quadratic) model for the response variable without needing to use a complete three level factorial… …   Wikipedia


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