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on dry land

  • 1 en tierra firme

    • on dry land

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > en tierra firme

  • 2 terreno seco

    dry land.

    Spanish-English dictionary > terreno seco

  • 3 región seca

    dry region, dry land.

    Spanish-English dictionary > región seca

  • 4 sequeral

    1 a dry, barren soil.
    2 dry land.

    Spanish-English dictionary > sequeral

  • 5 altura de los montes expuesta a la ventisca

    • part of speech
    • part of the ocean farthest away from dry land

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > altura de los montes expuesta a la ventisca

  • 6 secano

    • dry region
    • unirrigated land

    Diccionario Técnico Español-Inglés > secano

  • 7 secano

    1 unirrigated or dry land.
    cultivos de secano = crops suitable for unirrigated land
    2 dry region, dry land, unirrigated land.
    * * *
    1 dry land
    cultivo de secano dry farming
    * * *
    1) (Agr) (tb: tierra de secano) (=sin lluvia) dry land, dry region; (=sin riego) unirrigated land
    2) (Náut) (=banco de arena) sandbank; (=islote) small sandy island
    * * *

    de secano<campo/tierra> dry, unirrigated

    * * *

    de secano<campo/tierra> dry, unirrigated

    * * *
    de secano ‹campo/tierra› dry, unirrigated
    ¿qué sabrás de pescado si eres de secano? ( fam); what would a landlubber like you know about fish? ( colloq)
    * * *

    secano sustantivo masculino:
    de secanocampo/tierra dry, unirrigated

    secano sustantivo masculino unirrigated land: los cereales se cultivan en secano, cereals are grown in dry land

    ' secano' also found in these entries:
    * * *
    secano nm
    [sistema] unirrigated o dry land;
    cultivos de secano = crops suitable for unirrigated land
    * * *
    m unirrigated land

    Spanish-English dictionary > secano

  • 8 tierra2

    2 = land, ground, soil, earth, dry land [dryland].
    Ex. Until recently all libraries and some architects have maintained that an academic library should be capable of extension and that land should be reserved for future expansion.
    Ex. A profile is a scale representation of the intersection of a vertical surface with the surface of the ground.
    Ex. This article diagnoses the information needs of those who work in the area of pollution of air, soil and earth.
    Ex. Insulation techniques helpful to energy conservation are: more use of below surface areas; the mounding of earth against outside walls; sod roofs; and the correct use of glass.
    Ex. This article describes a knowledge based geographic information system for the broad scale mapping of dryland salinity in the Western Australian wheatbelt.
    * aprovechamiento de la tierra = land use.
    * asentamiento en tierras federales = homesteading.
    * bajo tierra = underground, below surface.
    * buena tierra = good soil.
    * camino de tierra = dirt track, dirt road.
    * como si se + Pronombre + hubiera tragado la tierra = into thin air.
    * con el suelo de tierra = dirt-floored.
    * confinado a la tierra = land-bound [landbound].
    * con los pies sobre la tierra = down-to-earth.
    * contaminación de la tierra = soil pollution.
    * corrimiento de tierra = landslide.
    * cultivar la tierra = farm + land, grow + crops.
    * dejar la tierra en barbecho = let + farmland lie fallow.
    * desaprovechamiento de la tierra = land misuse.
    * desprendimiento de tierra = landslide.
    * de tierra = onshore, earthen.
    * echar Algo por tierra = blow + Nombre + out of the water.
    * echarlo todo por tierra = upset + the applecart.
    * echar por tierra = scupper, blight, cast + a blight on.
    * echar por tierra las ilusiones = shatter + Posesivo + hopes.
    * echar por tierra los planes de Alguien = spike + Posesivo + guns.
    * echar por tierra una idea = crush + idea.
    * ejército de tierra, el = army, the [armies, pl.].
    * en la tierra = on the ground.
    * en la tierra de = in the land of.
    * en tierra = onshore, ashore.
    * en tierra firme = on dry land.
    * en tierras lejanas = outranged.
    * fertilidad de la tierra = soil fertility.
    * gestión de tierras = land management.
    * gran extensión de tierra dedicada a la cría de animales de pas = rangeland.
    * mala tierra = poor soil.
    * movimiento de tierra = earthwork.
    * nadie es profeta en su tierra = no man is a prophet in his own land.
    * pequeño propietario de tierras = yeoman farmer.
    * pies sobre la tierra = feet on the ground.
    * pista de tierra batida = clay tennis court.
    * poner los pies sobre la tierra = come down + to earth.
    * por encima de la tierra = aboveground.
    * rodeado de tierra = land-bound [landbound], land-locked [landlocked].
    * sin tierras, sin propiedad rural = landless.
    * sobre la tierra = on the ground.
    * temblor de tierra = quake, earth tremor.
    * tenis sobre tierra batida = clay tennis, clay court tennis.
    * ¡Tierra a la vista! = Land ahoy!, Land ho!.
    * tierra arenosa = sandy soil.
    * tierra baldía = wasteland, moor, barren land.
    * tierra buena = good soil.
    * tierra cenagosa = loamy soil.
    * tierra cultivable = arable land.
    * tierra de cultivo = soil, farmland [farm land].
    * Tierra de Israel, la = Land of Israel, the.
    * tierra de labranza = farmland [farm land].
    * tierra de nadie = twilight zone, wilderness, no-man's land.
    * tierra de pastoreo = pasture land.
    * tierra de pastos = pasture land.
    * tierra desconocida = terra incognita.
    * tierra en barbecho = fallow land.
    * tierra fértil = sod, loam.
    * tierra firme = dry land [dryland], land mass [landmass], firm ground, solid ground.
    * tierra lejana = far off land.
    * tierra mala = poor soil.
    * tierra margosa = loamy soil.
    * tierra natal = homeland.
    * tierra prometida, la = land of cream and honey, the, promised land, the, land of milk and honey, the.
    * tierras = landed estate.
    * tierras altas = highland.
    * tierras altas escocesas = Highland.
    * tierra salvaje = wilderness.
    * Tierra Santa = Holy Land, the.
    * tierras bajas = lowlands.
    * tierras celtas, las = Celtic fringe, the.
    * tierras del sur = southland.
    * tierras mejores = greener pastures.
    * tierras movedizas = shifting sands.
    * tierras perdidas = lost lands.
    * tierra virgen = uncharted territory, uncharted waters, unchartered territory, unchartered waters.
    * toma de tierra = earthing.
    * transporte por tierra = land transport.
    * tropa de tierra = ground troop.
    * uso de la tierra = land use.
    * vasallo propietario de sus tierras = yeoman [yeomen, -pl.].
    * vehículo de tierra a motor = motor land vehicle.
    * vivir de la tierra = live off + the land.

    Spanish-English dictionary > tierra2

  • 9 tierra sólida

    solid earth, dry land, firm ground, solid land.

    Spanish-English dictionary > tierra sólida

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