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offset address

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  • Offset (computer science) — For other uses, see Offset. In computer science, an offset within an array or other data structure object is an integer indicating the distance (displacement) from the beginning of the object up until a given element or point, presumably within… …   Wikipedia

  • offset — 01. My lack of skill in playing squash is somewhat [offset] by my speed and effort in the game. 02. We had to lay off some staff to [offset] the increase in fuel costs. 03. The airport has instituted a special tax to [offset] the cost of… …   Grammatical examples in English

  • Address space — In computing, an address space defines a range of discrete addresses, each of which may correspond to a physical or virtual memory register, a network host, peripheral device, disk sector or other logical or physical entity. A memory address… …   Wikipedia

  • Carbon offset — Part of a series on Green economics Concepts …   Wikipedia

  • Memory address — A digital computer s memory, more specifically main memory, consists of many memory locations, each having a memory address, a number, analogous to a street address, at which computer programs store (except when the address is in mask ROM) and… …   Wikipedia

  • Base address — In computing, a base address is an address serving as a reference point ( base ) for other addresses. In computers using relative addressing scheme, to obtain an absolute address, the relevant base address is taken and offset (aka displacement)… …   Wikipedia

  • X86 assembly language — is the assembly language for the x86 class of processors, which includes Intel s Pentium series and AMD s Athlon series. Like all assembly languages, it uses short mnemonics to represent the fundamental operations that the CPU in a computer can… …   Wikipedia

  • Far pointer — In a segmented architecture computer, a far pointer is a pointer which includes a segment selector, making it possible to point to addresses outside of the current segment.For example, in an Intel 8086, where an ordinary pointer is just a 16 bit… …   Wikipedia

  • Classic RISC pipeline — In the history of computer hardware, some early reduced instruction set computer central processing units (RISC CPUs) used a very similar architectural solution, now called a classic RISC pipeline. Those CPUs were: MIPS, SPARC, Motorola 88000,… …   Wikipedia

  • A20 handler — The A20 handler is IBM PC memory manager software controlling access to the High Memory Area. Extended memory managers usually provide this functionality. A20 handlers are named after the 21st address line of the microprocessor, the A20 line.The… …   Wikipedia

  • LSM (Zeiss) — LSM is a line of confocal laser scanning microscopes produced by the Zeiss company. As of 2005, the state of the art is the 5th generation, including the LSM 510, LSM 5 Pascal, and LSM 5 Live. The LSM 710 was released in 2008.LSM models produce a …   Wikipedia

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