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  • 901 trilogy

    n. triologi (verk i tre delar, serie av tre böcker eller tre uppträden etc.)
    * * *
    plural - trilogies; noun
    (a group of three plays, novels etc by the same author which are parts of the same story or are written about the same subject.) trilogi

    English-Swedish dictionary > trilogy

  • 902 trimming

    n. trimning, klippning, beskärning; utsmyckning, dekoration
    * * *
    1) (something added as a decoration: lace trimming.) dekorering, dekoration, garnering
    2) ((usually in plural) a piece cut off; an end or edge.) kanter, rester

    English-Swedish dictionary > trimming

  • 903 trio

    n. trio
    * * *
    plural - trios; noun
    1) (a group of three (people or things).) trio
    2) ((a piece of music for) three players: A trio was playing in the hotel lounge; a trio by Mozart.) trio

    English-Swedish dictionary > trio

  • 904 triviality

    n. trivialitet, banalitet; bagatell
    * * *
    1) (the state of being trivial.) obetydlighet, trivialitet
    2) ((plural trivialities) something which is trivial: He is always worrying about some triviality or other.) obetydlighet, trivialitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > triviality

  • 905 trophy

    n. trofé, pris
    * * *
    plural - trophies; noun
    1) (a prize for winning in a sport etc: He won a silver trophy for shooting.) trofé
    2) (something which is kept in memory of a victory, success etc.) trofé

    English-Swedish dictionary > trophy

  • 906 truth

    n. sanning; riktighet; ärlighet
    * * *
    plural - truths; noun
    1) (trueness; the state of being true: I am certain of the truth of his story; `What is truth?' asked the philosopher.) sanning
    2) (the true facts: I don't know, and that's the truth; Tell the truth about it.) sanning
    - truthfully
    - truthfulness
    - tell the truth
    - to tell the truth

    English-Swedish dictionary > truth

  • 907 tummy

    n. mage (vardagligt språk)
    * * *
    plural - tummies; noun
    (a (especially child's) word for stomach: She has a pain in her tummy; ( also adjective) a tummy-ache.) mage

    English-Swedish dictionary > tummy

  • 908 turf

    n. grästova; distrikt, revir
    v. plantera gräs
    * * *
    [tə:f] 1. plural - turfs; noun
    1) (rough grass and the earth it grows out of: He walked across the springy turf.) torv
    2) ((a usually square piece of) grass and earth: We laid turf in our garden to make a lawn.) grästorva
    2. verb
    1) (to cover with turf(s): We are going to turf that part of the garden.) torvtäcka
    2) (to throw: We turfed him out of the house.) slänga, kasta

    English-Swedish dictionary > turf

  • 909 UFO

    n. ufo (oidentifierat flygande föremål)
    * * *
    [,ju: ef'ou]
    plural UFOs - noun (abbreviation)
    (Unidentified Flying Object: a spacecraft that is believed to come from other planets.) UFO

    English-Swedish dictionary > UFO

  • 910 ultimatum

    n. ultimatum
    * * *
    plural - ultimatums; noun
    (a final demand made by one person, nation etc to another, with a threat to stop peaceful discussion and declare war etc if the demand is ignored: An ultimatum has been issued to him to withdraw his troops from our territory.) ultimatum

    English-Swedish dictionary > ultimatum

  • 911 unity

    n. enhet, enighet; helhet; harmoni
    * * *
    plural - unities; noun
    1) (the state of being united or in agreement: When will men learn to live in unity with each other?) endräkt
    2) (singleness, or the state of being one complete whole: Unity of design in his pictures is this artist's main aim.) enhet
    3) (something arranged to form a single complete whole: This play is not a unity, but a series of unconnected scenes.) [] helhet

    English-Swedish dictionary > unity

  • 912 university

    n. universitet (akademisk inrättning, inrättning för högskolestudier som ger akademisk examen)
    * * *
    plural - universities; noun
    ((the buildings or colleges of) a centre of advanced education and research, that has the power to grant degrees: He'll have four years at university after he leaves school; ( also adjective) a university student.) universitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > university

  • 913 upper

    adj. övre; inlands-
    n. berusande drog
    * * *
    1. adjective
    (higher in position, rank etc: the upper floors of the building; He has a scar on his upper lip.) övre, över-
    2. noun
    ((usually in plural) the part of a shoe above the sole: There's a crack in the upper.) ovanläder
    3. adverb
    (in the highest place or position: Thoughts of him were upper-most in her mind.) dominerande
    - get/have the upper hand of/over someone
    - get/have the upper hand

    English-Swedish dictionary > upper

  • 914 utility

    n. nytta; statligt affärsverk
    * * *
    plural - utilities; noun
    1) (usefulness: Some kitchen gadgets have only a limited utility.) [] nytta, användbarhet
    2) (a useful public service, eg the supply of water, gas, electricity etc.) samhällsservice, allmän nyttighet

    English-Swedish dictionary > utility

  • 915 vacancy

    n. tomrum, tomma rymden; ledig plats
    * * *
    plural - vacancies; noun
    1) (an unoccupied post: We have a vacancy for a typist.) ledig plats, vakans
    2) (the condition of being vacant; emptiness: The vacancy of his expression made me doubt if he was listening.) tomrum, tomhet

    English-Swedish dictionary > vacancy

  • 916 variability

    n. föränderlighet; ombytlighet
    * * *
    plural - variabilities; noun föränderlighet, ombytlighet

    English-Swedish dictionary > variability

  • 917 variety

    n. omväxling, ombyte; sort, slag
    * * *
    plural - varieties; noun
    1) (the quality of being of many different kinds or of being varied: There's a great deal of variety in this job.) variation
    2) (a mixed collection or range: The children got a variety of toys on their birthdays.) mängd olika
    3) (a sort or kind: They grow fourteen different varieties of rose.) sort, slag, typ
    4) (a type of mixed theatrical entertainment including dances, songs, short sketches etc: I much prefer operas to variety; ( also adjective) a variety show.) varieté

    English-Swedish dictionary > variety

  • 918 vertebra

    n. ryggkota
    * * *
    plural - vertebrae; noun
    (any of the bones of the spine: She has a broken vertebra.) ryggkota

    English-Swedish dictionary > vertebra

  • 919 victory

    n. seger
    * * *
    plural - victories; noun ((a) defeat of an enemy or rival: Our team has had two defeats and eight victories; At last they experienced the joy of victory.) seger

    English-Swedish dictionary > victory

  • 920 video

    adj. video-, tv-
    n. video (apparat för ljud och bild inspelning samt för uppspelning på tv-skärm; videofilm; videokassett)
    * * *
    ['vidiəu] 1. plural - videos; noun
    1) (the recording or broadcasting (by means of a video recorder) of television pictures and sound.) video
    2) (a videotape.) videoband
    3) ((also video cassette recorder; VCR) a machine used for watching or recording television films and programmes on videotape.) videobandspelare
    2. verb
    (to record on a video recorder or videotape: He videoed the television programme on volcanoes.) spela in på video
    - video camera
    - video cassette recorder
    - video recorder
    - video jockey
    - videotape
    3. verb
    (to record a film etc on video.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > video

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