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  • 881 technicality

    n. teknisk detalj, formalitet
    * * *
    1) (a technical detail or technical term: Their instructions were full of technicalities.) teknisk term
    2) (a (trivial) detail or problem, eg caused by (too) strict obedience to laws, rules etc: I'm not going to be put off by mere technicalities.) formalitet, teknikalitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > technicality

  • 882 technology

    n. teknologi (industriellt kunnande, användbart kunnande, tekniska processer och metoder)
    * * *
    plural - technologies; noun
    ((the study of) science applied to practical, (especially industrial) purposes: a college of science and technology.) teknologi
    - technologist

    English-Swedish dictionary > technology

  • 883 teddy

    n. Teddy (förnamn, smeknamn för Theodore och Edward)
    * * *
    plural - teddies; noun
    ((also teddy bear) a child's stuffed toy bear.) teddybjörn

    English-Swedish dictionary > teddy

  • 884 tendency

    n. tendens, benägenhet
    * * *
    plural - tendencies; noun (likelihood; inclination: He has a tendency to forget things.) tendens, benägenhet

    English-Swedish dictionary > tendency

  • 885 terminology

    n. terminologi, nomenklatur
    * * *
    plural - terminologies; noun
    (the special words or phrases used in a particular art, science etc: legal terminology; Every science has its own terminology.) terminologi

    English-Swedish dictionary > terminology

  • 886 territory

    n. territorium, område; markområde
    * * *
    plural - territories; noun
    1) (a stretch of land; a region: They explored the territory around the North Pole.) []område
    2) (the land under the control of a ruler or state: British territory.) territorium
    3) (an area of interest, knowledge etc: Ancient history is outside my territory.) område, gebit
    - territorial waters

    English-Swedish dictionary > territory

  • 887 testicle

    n. testikel
    * * *
    ((usually in plural) one of the two glands in the male body in which sperm is produced.) testikel

    English-Swedish dictionary > testicle

  • 888 testimony

    n. vittnesmål, vittnesbörd; bevis
    * * *
    plural - testimonies; noun
    (the statement(s) made by a person or people who testify in a law-court; evidence: The jury listened to his testimony.) vittnesmål

    English-Swedish dictionary > testimony

  • 889 theory

    n. teori (lära, teorisystem; teoretiska delen i studerandet av ett viss ämne; hypotes, något som bara finns i teorin)
    * * *
    plural - theories; noun
    1) (an idea or explanation which has not yet been proved to be correct: There are many theories about the origin of life; In theory, I agree with you, but it would not work in practice.) teori
    2) (the main principles and ideas in an art, science etc as opposed to the practice of actually doing it: A musician has to study both the theory and practice of music.) teori
    - theoretically
    - theorize
    - theorise
    - theorist

    English-Swedish dictionary > theory

  • 890 thesis

    n. tes, sats, teori, forskning
    * * *
    plural - theses; noun
    (a long written essay, report etc, often done for a university degree: a doctoral thesis; He is writing a thesis on the works of John Milton.) avhandling

    English-Swedish dictionary > thesis

  • 891 thief

    n. tjuv
    * * *
    plural - thieves; noun
    (a person who steals: The thief got away with all my money.) tjuv

    English-Swedish dictionary > thief

  • 892 tobacco

    n. tobak, tobaksblad
    * * *
    plural - tobaccos; noun
    ((a type of plant that has) leaves that are dried and used for smoking in pipes, cigarettes, cigars etc, or as snuff: Tobacco is bad for your health.) tobak

    English-Swedish dictionary > tobacco

  • 893 tooth

    n. tand; spets, udd
    * * *
    plural - teeth; noun
    1) (any of the hard, bone-like objects that grow in the mouth and are used for biting and chewing: He has had a tooth out at the dentist's.) tand
    2) (something that looks or acts like a tooth: the teeth of a comb/saw.) tand, tagg, kugge
    - toothed
    - toothless
    - toothy
    - toothache
    - toothbrush
    - toothpaste
    - toothpick
    - be
    - get long in the tooth
    - a fine-tooth comb
    - a sweet tooth
    - tooth and nail

    English-Swedish dictionary > tooth

  • 894 tornado

    n. tornado, virvelstorm, tromb
    * * *
    plural - tornadoes; noun
    (a violent whirlwind that can cause great damage: The village was destroyed by a tornado.) virvelstorm, tornado

    English-Swedish dictionary > tornado

  • 895 torpedo

    n. torped (undervattensmissil som skjuts från en u-båt eller båt)
    v. torpedera
    * * *
    [to:'pi:dəu] 1. plural - torpedoes; noun
    (an underwater missile fired at ships: an enemy torpedo.) torped
    2. verb
    (3rd person singular present tense torpedoes: past tense, past participle torpedoed - to attack, damage or destroy with torpedoes: The ship was torpedoed.) torpedera

    English-Swedish dictionary > torpedo

  • 896 torso

    n. torso, kroppsskulptur som saknar huvud, armar och ben
    * * *
    plural - torsos; noun
    (the body, excluding the head and limbs: He had a strong torso.) torso, bål

    English-Swedish dictionary > torso

  • 897 tragedy

    n. tragedi (teaterdramatisering med bittert slut som beskriver en kamp mot ödet eller andra omständigheter; en bok med samma mönster; fruktansvärd olycka, något fruktansvärt)
    * * *
    plural - tragedies; noun
    1) ((a) drama about unfortunate events with a sad outcome: `Hamlet' is one of Shakespeare's tragedies.) tragedi
    2) (an unfortunate or sad event: His early death was a great tragedy for his family.) tragedi

    English-Swedish dictionary > tragedy

  • 898 transparency

    n. diapositiv; genomskinlighet
    * * *
    1) (the state of being transparent: the transparency of the water.) genomskinlighet, klar
    2) (a photograph printed on transparent material, a slide: I took some transparencies of the cathedral.) diabild

    English-Swedish dictionary > transparency

  • 899 treaty

    n. fördrag, avtal
    * * *
    plural - treaties; noun
    (a formal agreement between states or governments: They signed a peace treaty.) fördrag, avtal

    English-Swedish dictionary > treaty

  • 900 tributary

    n. biflod; skattebetalare
    * * *
    plural - tributaries; noun
    (a stream flowing into a river: The River Thames has many tributaries; ( also adjective) tributary streams.) biflod

    English-Swedish dictionary > tributary

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