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  • 861 strain

    n. spänning; tryck; påfrestning; sträckning (inom medicin); melodi; ton; stil; släktdrag; härkomst
    v. spänna; anstränga sig; överskrida; sila
    * * *
    I 1. [strein] verb
    1) (to exert oneself or a part of the body to the greatest possible extent: They strained at the door, trying to pull it open; He strained to reach the rope.) anstränga [], pressa mot, spänna sina krafter
    2) (to injure (a muscle etc) through too much use, exertion etc: He has strained a muscle in his leg; You'll strain your eyes by reading in such a poor light.) sträcka, överanstränga
    3) (to force or stretch (too far): The constant interruptions were straining his patience.) fresta på
    4) (to put (eg a mixture) through a sieve etc in order to separate solid matter from liquid: She strained the coffee.) sila, filtrera
    2. noun
    1) (force exerted; Can nylon ropes take more strain than the old kind of rope?) belastning, påfrestning
    2) ((something, eg too much work etc, that causes) a state of anxiety and fatigue: The strain of nursing her dying husband was too much for her; to suffer from strain.) påfrestning, överansträngning
    3) ((an) injury especially to a muscle caused by too much exertion: muscular strain.) sträckning
    4) (too great a demand: These constant delays are a strain on our patience.) påfrestning
    - strainer
    - strain off
    II [strein] noun
    1) (a kind or breed (of animals, plants etc): a new strain of cattle.) stam
    2) (a tendency in a person's character: I'm sure there's a strain of madness in her.) drag
    3) ((often in plural) (the sound of) a tune: I heard the strains of a hymn coming from the church.) toner, melodi

    English-Swedish dictionary > strain

  • 862 strait

    adj. trång; sträng
    n. sund; knipa, trångmål
    * * *
    1) ((often in plural) a narrow strip of sea between two pieces of land: the straits of Gibraltar; the Bering Strait.) sund
    2) ((in plural) difficulty; (financial) need.) trångmål, knipa, förlägenhet
    - strait-laced

    English-Swedish dictionary > strait

  • 863 strategy

    n. strategi (planering av stridshandlingar på lång sikt; planering av åtgärder för att nå ett mål)
    * * *
    plural - strategies; noun
    1) (the art of planning a campaign or large military operation: military strategy.) strategi
    2) (the art of, or a scheme for, managing an affair cleverly.) strategi
    - strategically
    - strategist

    English-Swedish dictionary > strategy

  • 864 strawberry

    n. jordgubbe
    * * *
    plural - strawberries; noun
    (a type of small juicy red fruit.) jordgubbe

    English-Swedish dictionary > strawberry

  • 865 studio

    n. studio, ateljé
    * * *
    plural - studios; noun
    1) (the workroom of an artist or photographer.) studio, ateljé
    2) ((often plural) a place in which cinema films are made: This film was made at Ramrod Studios.) []studio
    3) (a room from which radio or television programmes are broadcast: a television studio.) studio

    English-Swedish dictionary > studio

  • 866 subsidy

    n. subvention, understöd
    * * *
    plural - subsidies; noun
    ((a sum of) money paid by a government etc to an industry etc that needs help, or to farmers etc to keep the price of their products low.) subvention, bidrag
    - subsidise

    English-Swedish dictionary > subsidy

  • 867 suburb

    n. förort
    * * *
    ((often in plural) an area of houses on the outskirts of a city, town etc: Edgbaston is a suburb of Birmingham; They decided to move out to the suburbs.) förort
    - suburbia

    English-Swedish dictionary > suburb

  • 868 summary

    adj. summarisk, kortfattad
    n. sammanfattning
    * * *
    plural - summaries; noun
    (a shortened form of a statement, story etc giving only the main points: A summary of his speech was printed in the newspaper.) sammanfattning, sammandrag
    - summarise

    English-Swedish dictionary > summary

  • 869 supply

    n. tillförsel, anskaffning; förråd; lager; leverans; tillgång; fyllande
    v. tillhandahålla; leverera; förse någon med något
    * * *
    1. verb
    (to give or provide: Who is supplying the rebels with guns and ammunition?; Extra paper will be supplied by the teacher if it is needed; The town is supplied with water from a reservoir in the hills; The shop was unable to supply what she wanted.) skaffa, tillhandahålla
    2. noun
    1) (the act or process of supplying.) anskaffning, tillhandahållande
    2) ((often in plural) an amount or quantity that is supplied; a stock or store: She left a supply of food for her husband when she went away for a few days; Who will be responsible for the expedition's supplies?; Fresh supplies will be arriving soon.) förråd, proviant

    English-Swedish dictionary > supply

  • 870 swarm

    n. svärm, skock; myller
    v. svärma; vimla, krylla; strömma
    * * *
    [swo:m] 1. noun
    1) (a great number (of insects or other small creatures) moving together: a swarm of ants.) svärm
    2) ((often in plural) a great number or crowd: swarms of people.) myller, vimmel, skara
    2. verb
    1) ((of bees) to follow a queen bee in a swarm.) svärma
    2) (to move in great numbers: The children swarmed out of the school.) svärma, strömma
    3) (to be full of moving crowds: The Tower of London was swarming with tourists.) myllra, vimla

    English-Swedish dictionary > swarm

  • 871 swine

    n. svin
    * * *
    1) ((plural swine) an old word for a pig.) svin
    2) ((plural swines) an offensive word for a person who behaves in a cruel or disgusting way towards others.) svin

    English-Swedish dictionary > swine

  • 872 symphony

    n. symfoni (musikaliskt verk för orkester)
    * * *
    plural - symphonies; noun
    (a usually long piece of music for an orchestra of many different instruments, in three or four movements or parts.) symfoni

    English-Swedish dictionary > symphony

  • 873 synthesis

    n. syntes (förening, sammanslagning, när skilda delar blir till en helhet; framställning av ett nytt kemiskt ämne genom sammanslagning av existerande ämnen)
    * * *
    plural - syntheses; noun
    ((something produced through) the process of combining separate parts, eg chemical elements or substances, into a whole: Plastic is produced by synthesis; His recent book is a synthesis of several of his earlier ideas.) syntes
    - synthesise
    - synthetic

    English-Swedish dictionary > synthesis

  • 874 tabby

    n. spräcklig katt
    * * *
    plural - tabbies; noun
    ((also tabby-cat) a usually grey or brown cat with darker stripes, especially a female one.) strimmig katt

    English-Swedish dictionary > tabby

  • 875 talk

    n. samtal; pratstund; snack, skvaller; förhandlingar; föredrag
    v. tala; uttrycka
    * * *
    [to:k] 1. verb
    1) (to speak; to have a conversation or discussion: We talked about it for hours; My parrot can talk (= imitate human speech).) tala, prata
    2) (to gossip: You can't stay here - people will talk!) prata, skvallra
    3) (to talk about: They spent the whole time talking philosophy.) tala (prata) om
    2. noun
    1) ((sometimes in plural) a conversation or discussion: We had a long talk about it; The Prime Ministers met for talks on their countries' economic problems.) pratstund, samtal
    2) (a lecture: The doctor gave us a talk on family health.) föredrag
    3) (gossip: Her behaviour causes a lot of talk among the neighbours.) skvaller
    4) (useless discussion; statements of things a person says he will do but which will never actually be done: There's too much talk and not enough action.) prat, snack
    - talking book
    - talking head
    - talking-point
    - talk show
    - talking-to
    - talk back
    - talk big
    - talk down to
    - talk someone into / out of doing
    - talk into / out of doing
    - talk someone into / out of
    - talk into / out of
    - talk over
    - talk round
    - talk sense/nonsense
    - talk shop

    English-Swedish dictionary > talk

  • 876 tally

    n. räkning
    v. räkna; registrera; få att stämma överens
    * * *
    ['tæli] 1. plural - tallies; noun
    (an account: He kept a tally of all the work he did.) []räkning
    2. verb
    ((often with with) to agree or match: Their stories tally; His story tallies with mine.) stämma överens

    English-Swedish dictionary > tally

  • 877 tango

    n. tango (dans; musikstil som man dansar denna dansen till)
    v. dansa tango
    * * *
    ['tæŋɡou] 1. plural - tangos; noun
    ((music for) a type of South American dance.) tango
    2. verb
    (to perform this dance.) dansa tango

    English-Swedish dictionary > tango

  • 878 tannery

    n. garveri; garvning
    * * *
    plural - tanneries; noun (a place where leather is tanned.) garveri

    English-Swedish dictionary > tannery

  • 879 tapestry

    n. vävd tapet, gobeläng
    * * *
    plural - tapestries; noun
    ((a piece of) cloth into which a picture or design has been sewn or woven, hung on a wall for decoration or used to cover eg the seats of chairs: Four large tapestries hung on the walls.) gobeläng

    English-Swedish dictionary > tapestry

  • 880 tea-party

    plural - tea-parties; noun (an afternoon party at which tea is usually served: She has been invited to a tea-party.) tebjudning

    English-Swedish dictionary > tea-party

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