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  • 821 salary

    n. lön, avlöning
    * * *
    plural - salaries; noun
    (a fixed, regular usually monthly payment for work: Secretarial salaries in London are quite high.) lön

    English-Swedish dictionary > salary

  • 822 salesman

    n. försäljare; expedit, affärsbiträde
    * * *
    - plural salesmen - feminine saleswoman (plural saleswomen), salesgirl - noun (a person who sells, or shows, goods to customers in a shop etc.) försäljare, expedit, affärsbiträde

    English-Swedish dictionary > salesman

  • 823 sally

    n. plötslig attack, utfall; utbrott (känslo- etc.); snilleblixt, kvickhet
    v. storma in, göra utfall; bryta upp, ge sig av
    * * *
    plural - sallies; noun
    (a sudden act of rushing out (eg from a fort) to make an attack.) utfall

    English-Swedish dictionary > sally

  • 824 sanctuary

    n. helgedom, helig plats; fristad, asyl; tempel; det allra heligaste; naturreservat
    * * *
    ['sæŋk uəri]
    plural - sanctuaries; noun
    1) (a holy or sacred place: the sanctuary of the god Apollo.) helgedom, helig plats
    2) (a place of safety from eg arrest: In earlier times a criminal could use a church as a sanctuary.) fristad, fredad plats
    3) (an area of land in which the killing of wild animals etc is forbidden: a bird sanctuary.) reservat

    English-Swedish dictionary > sanctuary

  • 825 schoolchild

    n. skolbarn, elev
    * * *
    plural - schoolchildren; noun (a child who goes to school.) skolbarn

    English-Swedish dictionary > schoolchild

  • 826 scrap

    n. bit, stycke, lapp; pappersbit; gräl, gruff; skräp, skrot
    v. skrota, göra till skräp; bråka
    * * *
    I 1. [skræp] noun
    1) (a small piece or fragment: a scrap of paper.) bit, stycke, lapp
    2) ((usually in plural) a piece of food left over after a meal: They gave the scraps to the dog.) matrester, smulor
    3) (waste articles that are only valuable for the material they contain: The old car was sold as scrap; ( also adjective) scrap metal.) skrot
    4) (a picture etc for sticking into a scrapbook.) urklipp
    2. verb
    (to discard: They scapped the old television set; She decided to scrap the whole plan.) skrota, kassera, slopa
    - scrappily
    - scrappiness
    - scrapbook
    - scrap heap
    II 1. [skræp] noun
    (a fight: He tore his jacket in a scrap with another boy.) gruff, slagsmål
    2. verb
    (to fight: The dogs were scrapping over a bone.) gruffas, slåss

    English-Swedish dictionary > scrap

  • 827 scullery

    n. diskrum
    * * *
    plural - sculleries; noun
    (a room for rough kitchen work such as cleaning pots, pans etc.) diskrum

    English-Swedish dictionary > scullery

  • 828 seaman

    n. sjöman; matros; sjöfarare
    * * *
    plural - seamen; noun (a sailor, especially a member of a ship's crew who is not an officer.) sjöman

    English-Swedish dictionary > seaman

  • 829 secretary

    n. sekreterare; minister; skrivbord, sekretär, skrivbord (skrivbyrå)
    * * *
    plural - secretaries; noun
    1) (a person employed to write letters, keep records and make business arrangements etc for another person: He dictated a letter to his secretary.) sekreterare
    2) (a (sometimes unpaid) person who deals with the official business of an organization etc: The secretary read out the minutes of the society's last meeting.) sekreterare

    English-Swedish dictionary > secretary

  • 830 self

    adj. enahanda, samma
    n. själv, jag; självständighet; personlighet; ego; egoism
    pref. själv-
    pron. själv (mig själv, dig själv etc.)
    * * *
    plural - selves; noun
    1) (a person's own body and personality.) jag
    2) (one's own personal interests or advantage: He always thinks first of self.) sig själv
    - selfishly
    - selfishness
    - selfless
    - selflessly
    - selflessness

    English-Swedish dictionary > self

  • 831 seminary

    n. högre skola; prästseminarium; seminarium
    * * *
    plural - seminaries; noun
    (a training college for Roman Catholic priests.) []seminarium

    English-Swedish dictionary > seminary

  • 832 sentry

    n. vaktpost
    * * *
    plural - sentries; noun
    (a soldier or other person on guard to stop anyone who has no right to enter, pass etc: The entrance was guarded by two sentries.) vaktpost
    - sentry watch

    English-Swedish dictionary > sentry

  • 833 server

    n. (sport.) serva; dator med ett eller flera serverprogram som sköter gemensamma servicefunktioner i ett nätverk t.ex. datalagring och e-postkommunikation (data)
    * * *
    1) ((usually in plural) a utensil used in serving food: salad servers.) bestick
    2) (a person who serves (a ball).) servare

    English-Swedish dictionary > server

  • 834 shadow

    n. skugga; skuggbild; skymning; skymt
    v. skugga, kasta skugga över; följa efter, skugga
    * * *
    ['ʃædəu] 1. noun
    1) ((a patch of) shade on the ground etc caused by an object blocking the light: We are in the shadow of that building.) skugga
    2) ((in plural with the) darkness or partial darkness caused by lack of (direct) light: The child was afraid that wild animals were lurking in the shadows at the corner of his bedroom.) skuggor, mörker, dunkel
    3) (a dark patch or area: You look tired - there are shadows under your eyes.) mörka ringar
    4) (a very slight amount: There's not a shadow of doubt that he stole the money.) skugga, spår
    2. verb
    1) (to hide or darken with shadow: A broad hat shadowed her face.) skugga, kasta en skugga över
    2) (to follow closely, especially as a detective, spy etc: We shadowed him for a week.) skugga
    - shadowiness
    - worn to a shadow

    English-Swedish dictionary > shadow

  • 835 shampoo

    n. schampo, hårtvättmedel; hårtvätt, schamponering
    v. tvätta håret; schamponera, tvätta med schampo
    * * *
    [ʃæm'pu:] 1. plural - shampoos; noun
    1) (a soapy liquid or other substance for washing the hair and scalp or for cleaning carpets, upholstery etc: a special shampoo for greasy hair; carpet shampoo.) schampo
    2) (an act of washing etc with shampoo: I had a shampoo and set at the hairdresser's.) schamponering
    2. verb
    (to wash or clean with shampoo: She shampoos her hair every day; We shampooed the rugs yesterday.) schamponera, tvätta []

    English-Swedish dictionary > shampoo

  • 836 shandy

    n. blandning av öl och sockerdricka
    * * *
    plural - shandies; noun
    (a mixture of beer and lemonade or ginger beer.) shandy

    English-Swedish dictionary > shandy

  • 837 shanty

    n. skjul, hydda; shanty (sjömanssång)
    * * *
    plural - shanties; noun
    1) (a roughly-built hut or shack.) skjul, kåk, hydda
    2) ((also sea shanty) a song that sailors used to sing while working.) shanty

    English-Swedish dictionary > shanty

  • 838 sheaf

    n. knippe, packe, bunt
    v. bunta, binda i knippen
    * * *
    plural - sheaves; noun
    (a bundle usually tied or held together: a sheaf of corn/notes.) kärve, bunt, knippe

    English-Swedish dictionary > sheaf

  • 839 sheath

    n. knivslida; fodral; åtsmitande klänning
    * * *
    plural - sheaths; noun
    1) (a case for a sword or blade.) slida, skida
    2) (a long close-fitting covering: The rocket is encased in a metal sheath.) fodral, hölje

    English-Swedish dictionary > sheath

  • 840 sheep

    n. får
    * * *
    plural - sheep; noun
    (a kind of animal related to the goat, whose flesh is used as food and from whose wool clothing is made: a flock of sheep.) får
    - sheepishly
    - sheepdog

    English-Swedish dictionary > sheep

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