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  • 761 probability

    n. sannolikhet; chans
    * * *
    plural - probabilities; noun
    1) (the state or fact of being probable; likelihood: There isn't much probability of that happening.) sannolikhet
    2) (an event, result etc that is probable: Let's consider the probabilities.) möjlighet

    English-Swedish dictionary > probability

  • 762 prodigy

    n. mirakel, underverk; person med ovanligt hög intelligens
    * * *
    plural - prodigies; noun
    (something strange and wonderful: A very clever child is sometimes called a child prodigy; prodigies of nature.) under, under[]

    English-Swedish dictionary > prodigy

  • 763 promontory

    n. udde; klippa
    * * *
    plural - promontories; noun
    (a piece of land that projects from the coastline.) udde

    English-Swedish dictionary > promontory

  • 764 property

    n. egendom; ägodelar; förmögenhet; lantegendom; egenskap, karaktär; rekvisita
    * * *
    plural - properties; noun
    1) (something that a person owns: These books are my property.) egendom, ägodelar
    2) (land or buildings that a person owns: He has property in Scotland.) ägor, egendom[], fastighet[]
    3) (a quality (usually of a substance): Hardness is a property of diamonds.) egenskap
    4) ((usually abbreviated to prop [prop]) a small piece of furniture or an article used by an actor in a play.) rekvisita

    English-Swedish dictionary > property

  • 765 prophecy

    n. profetia; spådom
    * * *
    plural - prophecies; noun
    1) (the power of foretelling the future.) siargåva, spådomskonst
    2) (something that is foretold: He made many prophecies about the future.) profetia, spådom
    - prophet
    - prophetic
    - prophetically

    English-Swedish dictionary > prophecy

  • 766 pup

    n. hundvalp; valp
    v. valpa
    * * *
    1) ((also puppy - plural puppies) a young dog: a sheepdog pup(py).) hundvalp
    2) (the young of certain other animals: a seal pup.) valp, unge

    English-Swedish dictionary > pup

  • 767 pupa

    n. puppa (zoologi)
    * * *
    plural - pupae; noun
    (the form that an insect takes when it is changing from a larva (eg a caterpillar) to its perfect form (eg a butterfly); a chrysalis.) puppa

    English-Swedish dictionary > pupa

  • 768 pussy

    adj. varig
    n. katt; fitta (slang); knull, samlag (slang)
    * * *
    1) (a cat, especially a kitten.) kisse
    2) ((slang, vulgar) a woman thought of as a sex object; a fuck.) knull, ligg
    3) ((slang, vulgar) a woman's vagina.) fitta, kussimurra

    English-Swedish dictionary > pussy

  • 769 pygmy

    adj. pygmé-; dvärglik; jätteliten
    n. pygmé; dvärg
    * * *
    plural - pygmies, pigmies; noun
    (a member of an African race of very small people.) pygmé

    English-Swedish dictionary > pygmy

  • 770 quality

    adj. kvalitets-
    n. kvalitet; beskaffenhet; förmåga, talang, förtjänst; egenskap, drag; hög rang
    * * *
    plural - qualities; noun
    1) (the extent to which something has features which are good or bad etc, especially features which are good: We produce several different qualities of paper; In this firm, we look for quality rather than quantity; ( also adjective) quality goods.) kvalitet
    2) (some (usually good) feature which makes a person or thing special or noticeable: Kindness is a human quality which everyone admires.) kvalitet, egenskap

    English-Swedish dictionary > quality

  • 771 quandary

    n. dilemma, bryderi
    * * *
    plural - quandaries; noun
    (a state of uncertainty; a situation in which it is difficult to decide what to do.) bryderi, dilemma

    English-Swedish dictionary > quandary

  • 772 quarry

    n. stenbrott; villebråd, jagat djur; jakt; något som är jagat, byte; glasruta
    v. bryta sten; gräva; leta, forska
    * * *
    I 1. ['kwori] plural - quarries; noun
    (a place, usually a very large hole in the ground, from which stone is got for building etc.) stenbrott
    2. verb
    (to dig (stone) in a quarry.) bryta []
    II ['kwori] plural - quarries; noun
    1) (a hunted animal or bird.) villebråd
    2) (someone or something that is hunted, chased or eagerly looked for.) eftertraktat byte

    English-Swedish dictionary > quarry

  • 773 quarter-final

    kvartsfinal (skede innan semifinalen, fyra matcher som avgör vem som går till semifinal)
    * * *
    noun ((often in plural) the third-last round in a competition.) kvartsfinal

    English-Swedish dictionary > quarter-final

  • 774 query

    n. förfrågan; frågetecken; ställa en fråga till ngn. ; ifrågasätta; förfrågan att hämta information från en databas (data)
    v. fråga; ställa svåra frågor; undersöka; ifrågasätta, betvivla
    * * *
    ['kwiəri] 1. plural - queries; noun
    1) (a question: In answer to your query about hotel reservations I am sorry to tell you that we have no vacancies.) fråga, förfrågan
    2) (a question mark: You have omitted the query.) frågetecken
    2. verb
    1) (to question (a statement etc): I think the waiter has added up the bill wrongly - you should query it.) ifrågasätta
    2) (to ask: `What time does the train leave?' she queried.) fråga

    English-Swedish dictionary > query

  • 775 quiz

    n. prov, test; frågesport; spratt, upptåg; förhör
    v. förhöra; skoja med, driva med; ha en frågesport
    * * *
    plural - quizzes; noun
    1) (a game or competition in which knowledge is tested by asking questions: a television quiz; a general-knowledge quiz.) frågesport
    2) (a short test given to students.) förhör

    English-Swedish dictionary > quiz

  • 776 radio

    adj. radio-
    n. radio (sändningsmetod av ljud med hjälp av elektromagnetiska vågor; radioapparat)
    v. sända på radio; radiografera, radiera
    * * *
    ['reidiəu] 1. plural - radios; noun
    ((an apparatus for) the sending and receiving of human speech, music etc: a pocket radio; The concert is being broadcast on radio; I heard about it on the radio; ( also adjective) a radio programme, radio waves.) radio
    2. verb
    (to send (a message) by radio: When someone on the island is ill, we have to radio (to) the mainland for a doctor; An urgent message was radioed to us this evening.) radiosända

    English-Swedish dictionary > radio

  • 777 radius

    n. radie; strålben
    * * *
    1) ((plural radiuses) the area within a given distance from a central point: They searched within a radius of one mile from the school.) radie
    2) ((plural radii) a straight line from the centre of a circle to its circumference.) radie

    English-Swedish dictionary > radius

  • 778 rail

    n. räcke; handdukshängare; skena; järnväg
    v. lägga räls på; skicka med järnvägen; sätta upp staket omkring
    * * *
    [reil] 1. noun
    1) (a (usually horizontal) bar of metal, wood etc used in fences etc, or for hanging things on: Don't lean over the rail; a curtain-rail; a towel-rail.) stång, räcke
    2) ((usually in plural) a long bar of steel which forms the track on which trains etc run.) skena, räls
    2. verb
    ((usually with in or off) to surround with a rail or rails: We'll rail that bit of ground off to stop people walking on it.) inhägna
    - railroad
    - railway
    - by rail

    English-Swedish dictionary > rail

  • 779 railing

    n. rälsmaterial; räcke; staket
    * * *
    noun ((usually in plural) a fence or barrier of (usually vertical) metal or wooden bars: They've put railings up all round the park.) staket, räcke[]

    English-Swedish dictionary > railing

  • 780 railway

    n. järnväg
    * * *
    1) (a track with (usually more than one set of) two (or sometimes three) parallel steel rails on which trains run: They're building a new railway; ( also adjective) a railway station.) järnväg
    2) ((sometimes in plural) the whole organization which is concerned with the running of trains, the building of tracks etc: He has a job on the railway; The railways are very badly run in some countries.) järnväg

    English-Swedish dictionary > railway

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