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  • 721 party

    adj. parti-; sällskaps-, fest-
    n. (politiskt) parti; fest; medpart, avtalspartner; grupp
    v. festa (slang); dricka alkohol inom kompisgäng (slang)
    * * *
    plural - parties; noun
    1) (a meeting of guests for entertainment, celebration etc: a birthday party; She's giving/having a party tonight; ( also adjective) a party dress.) fest
    2) (a group of people with a particular purpose: a party of tourists.) sällskap, grupp
    3) (a group of people with the same ideas and purposes, especially political: a political party.) parti

    English-Swedish dictionary > party

  • 722 passer-by

    förbipasserande person
    * * *
    plural - passers-by; noun (a person who is going past a place when something happens: He asked the passers-by if they had seen the accident.) förbipasserande

    English-Swedish dictionary > passer-by

  • 723 pastry

    n. kaka; bakverk
    * * *
    plural - pastries; noun
    1) (flour paste used in making pies, tarts etc.) smördeg
    2) (a pie, tart etc made with this: Danish pastries.) bakverk, bakelse[]

    English-Swedish dictionary > pastry

  • 724 path

    n. (gång) stig; (bildl.) bana; sökväg till filer, en lista av kataloger som ett program eller ett funktionssystem använder för att finna filer (data)
    * * *
    plural - paths; noun
    1) (a way made across the ground by the passing of people or animals: There is a path through the fields; a mountain path.) stig, gångstig
    2) ((any place on) the line along which someone or something is moving: She stood right in the path of the bus.) väg

    English-Swedish dictionary > path

  • 725 peculiarity

    n. egendomlighet
    * * *
    - plural peculiarities - noun egenhet, egendomlighet

    English-Swedish dictionary > peculiarity

  • 726 peerage

    n. pärerna, högadeln
    * * *
    1) (a peer's title or status: He was granted a peerage.) adelskap
    2) ((often with plural verb when considered as a number of separate individuals) all noblemen as a group: The peerage has/have many responsibilities.) pärerna, högadeln

    English-Swedish dictionary > peerage

  • 727 penalty

    n. straff; böter
    * * *
    plural - penalties; noun
    1) (a punishment for doing wrong, breaking a contract etc: They did wrong and they will have to pay the penalty; The death penalty has been abolished in this country.) straff
    2) (in sport etc, a disadvantage etc that must be suffered for breaking the rules etc: The referee awarded the team a penalty; ( also adjective) a penalty kick) straff, bestraffning

    English-Swedish dictionary > penalty

  • 728 perfumery

    n. parfymeri (affär där man säljer kosmetiska produkter och parfymer)
    * * *
    - plural perfumeries - noun (a shop where perfume is sold or a factory where it is made.) parfymaffär-, fabrik

    English-Swedish dictionary > perfumery

  • 729 person

    n. person; individ; kropp
    * * *
    plural - people; noun
    1) (a human being: There's a person outside who wants to speak to you.) person
    2) (a person's body: He never carried money on his person (= with him; in his pockets etc).) [] sig
    - personality
    - personally
    - personal computer
    - personal pronoun
    - personal stereo
    - personal watercraft
    - in person

    English-Swedish dictionary > person

  • 730 personality

    n. personlighet
    * * *
    plural - personalities; noun
    1) (a person's characteristics (of the mind, the emotions etc) as a whole: a likeable / forceful (= strong) personality.)
    2) (strong, distinctive (usually attractive) character: She is not beautiful but she has a lot of personality.)
    3) (a well-known person: a television personality; ( also adjective) a personality cult (= very great, usually too great, admiration for a person, usually a political leader).)

    English-Swedish dictionary > personality

  • 731 peso

    n. peso (myntslag med olika valörer i Central- och Sydamerika)
    * * *
    plural - pesos; noun
    (the standard unit of currency in many South and Central American countries and in the Philippines.) peso

    English-Swedish dictionary > peso

  • 732 pharmacy

    n. apotek
    * * *
    plural - pharmacies; noun
    1) (the preparation of medicines: He is studying pharmacy.) farmaci, apotekarkonst
    2) (a shop etc where medicines are sold or given out: the hospital pharmacy.) apotek
    - pharmacist

    English-Swedish dictionary > pharmacy

  • 733 phenomenon

    n. fenomen; något ovanligt; något som är förnimbart med sinnet
    * * *
    [fə'nomənən, ]( American[) -non]
    plural - phenomena; noun
    (a natural fact or event that is seen or happens regularly or frequently: Magnetic attraction is an interesting phenomenon.) fenomen, företeelse
    - phenomenally

    English-Swedish dictionary > phenomenon

  • 734 philosophy

    n. filosofi (forskningen om det mänskliga tänkandet, forskningen världens väsen)
    * * *
    plural - philosophies; noun
    1) (the search for knowledge and truth, especially about the nature of man and his behaviour and beliefs: moral philosophy.) filosofi
    2) (a particular system of philosophical theories: I have a very simple philosophy (=attitude to life) - enjoy life!) filosofi
    - philosophical
    - philosophic
    - philosophically
    - philosophize
    - philosophise

    English-Swedish dictionary > philosophy

  • 735 photo

    n. foto; kort, bild
    pref. foto- (prefix med betydelsen ljus, ljus-; prefix med betydelsen fotografi, fotografisk)
    * * *
    plural - photos; noun
    (a photograph.) foto

    English-Swedish dictionary > photo

  • 736 photocopy

    n. kopia (av ett dokument)
    v. fotokopiera
    * * *
    ['fəutəkopi] 1. plural - photocopies; noun
    (a copy of a document etc made by a machine which photographs it: I'll get some photocopies made of this letter.) fotokopia
    2. verb
    (to make a copy in this way: Will you photocopy this letter for me?) fotokopiera

    English-Swedish dictionary > photocopy

  • 737 piano

    adv. piano, tyst, mjukt och stilla
    n. piano
    * * *
    plural - pianos; noun
    (a large musical instrument played by pressing keys which make hammers strike stretched wires: She plays the piano very well; ( also adjective) piano music.) piano
    - piano-accordion
    - pianoforte
    - grand piano

    English-Swedish dictionary > piano

  • 738 piccolo

    n. pickolaflöjt, liten flöjt
    * * *
    plural - piccolos; noun
    (a kind of small, high-pitched flute: He plays the piccolo.) pickolaflöjt

    English-Swedish dictionary > piccolo

  • 739 pick

    n. hacka, spetshacka; val
    v. välja; plocka; slita ut; hacka på
    * * *
    I 1. [pik] verb
    1) (to choose or select: Pick the one you like best.) välja [], plocka ut
    2) (to take (flowers from a plant, fruit from a tree etc), usually by hand: The little girl sat on the grass and picked flowers.) plocka
    3) (to lift (someone or something): He picked up the child.) lyfta
    4) (to unlock (a lock) with a tool other than a key: When she found that she had lost her key, she picked the lock with a hair-pin.) dyrka (peta) upp
    2. noun
    1) (whatever or whichever a person wants or chooses: Take your pick of these prizes.) val
    2) (the best one(s) from or the best part of something: These grapes are the pick of the bunch.) det bästa, eliten, gräddan
    - pick-up
    - pick and choose
    - pick at
    - pick someone's brains
    - pick holes in
    - pick off
    - pick on
    - pick out
    - pick someone's pocket
    - pick a quarrel/fight with someone
    - pick a quarrel/fight with
    - pick up
    - pick up speed
    - pick one's way
    II [pik] noun
    ((also (British) pickaxe, (American) pickax - plural pickaxes) a tool with a heavy metal head pointed at one or both ends, used for breaking hard surfaces eg walls, roads, rocks etc.) hacka

    English-Swedish dictionary > pick

  • 740 piggy

    adj. glupsk; grisig
    n. liten gris, nasse
    * * *
    plural - piggies; noun (a child's word for a (little) pig.) nasse, liten gris

    English-Swedish dictionary > piggy

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