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  • 701 nunnery

    n. nunnekloster
    * * *
    plural - nunneries; noun (a house in which a group of nuns live; a convent.) nunnekloster

    English-Swedish dictionary > nunnery

  • 702 nursery

    n. barnkammare; barnhem; plantskola
    * * *
    plural - nurseries; noun
    1) (a room etc for young children.) barnkammare
    2) (a place where young plants are grown.) plantskola

    English-Swedish dictionary > nursery

  • 703 nutcracker

    n. nötknäppare
    * * *
    noun ((usually in plural) an instrument for cracking nuts open: a pair of nutcrackers.) nötknäppare

    English-Swedish dictionary > nutcracker

  • 704 oasis

    n. berömt brittiskt poprockband
    * * *
    plural - oases; noun
    (an area in a desert where water is found: The travellers stopped at an oasis.) oas

    English-Swedish dictionary > oasis

  • 705 oath

    n. ed; svordom
    * * *
    plural - oaths; noun
    1) (a solemn promise: He swore an oath to support the king.) ed
    2) (a word or phrase used when swearing: curses and oaths.) svordom

    English-Swedish dictionary > oath

  • 706 obituary

    adj. döds-, sorg-
    n. dödsruna
    * * *
    plural - obituaries; noun
    (a notice (eg in a newspaper) of a person's death, often with an account of his life and work.) dödsruna, nekrolog, dödsannons

    English-Swedish dictionary > obituary

  • 707 obscenity

    n. obscenitet; oanständighet
    * * *
    - plural obscenities - noun (an obscene act or word(s): He shouted obscenities at the police.) oanständighet, obscenitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > obscenity

  • 708 observatory

    n. observatorium; planetarium
    * * *
    plural - observatories; noun (a place for observing and studying the stars, weather etc.) observatorium

    English-Swedish dictionary > observatory

  • 709 oddity

    n. egendomlighet; konstighet; främlingskap; annorlunda händelse
    * * *
    plural - oddities; noun (a strange person or thing: He's a bit of an oddity.) underlighet, original

    English-Swedish dictionary > oddity

  • 710 operation

    n. förfarande; företag; operation
    * * *
    1) (an action or process, especially when planned: a rescue operation.) operation, företag
    2) (the process of working: Our plan is now in operation.) verksamhet, funktion, i gång, i verket
    3) (the act of surgically cutting a part of the body in order to cure disease: an operation for appendicitis.) operation, ingrepp
    4) ((often in plural) the movement, fighting etc of armies: The general was in command of operations in the north.) operation[]

    English-Swedish dictionary > operation

  • 711 opportunity

    n. tillfälle; chans
    * * *
    plural - opportunities; noun
    (a chance to do or a time for doing (something): an opportunity to go to Rome; You've had several opportunities to ask him.) tillfälle, möjlighet, chans

    English-Swedish dictionary > opportunity

  • 712 orgy

    n. orgie; lusta
    * * *
    plural - orgies; noun
    (a wild party or celebration: a drunken orgy.) orgie

    English-Swedish dictionary > orgy

  • 713 ovary

    n. äggstock, ovarium
    * * *
    plural - ovaries; noun
    (the part of the female body in which eggs are formed.) äggstock, ovarium

    English-Swedish dictionary > ovary

  • 714 ovum

    n. ovum, ägg
    * * *
    plural - ova; noun
    (the egg from which the young of people and animals develop.) ägg

    English-Swedish dictionary > ovum

  • 715 ox

    n. Oxford (stad i England, välkänt universitet i England)
    * * *
    plural - oxen; noun
    1) (a castrated bull used (formerly in Britain and still in some countries) to pull carts, ploughs etc: an ox-drawn cart.) oxe
    2) (any bull or cow.) nötkreatur

    English-Swedish dictionary > ox

  • 716 pansy

    n. fikus, bög; penseР'Т' (blomma)
    * * *
    1) (- plural pansies - noun a kind of small flower.) pensé
    2) ((slang) a male homosexual.) fikus

    English-Swedish dictionary > pansy

  • 717 pantry

    n. skafferi; serveringsrum; pentry
    * * *
    plural - pantries; noun
    (a room for storing food: The house had a large kitchen with a pantry.) skafferi

    English-Swedish dictionary > pantry

  • 718 paper

    adj. pappers-; på papper
    n. papper; tidning; artikel; uppsats; tapet; frågeformulär
    v. tapetsera
    * * *
    ['peipə] 1. noun
    1) (the material on which these words are written, made from wood, rags etc and used for writing, printing, wrapping parcels etc: I need paper and a pen to write a letter; ( also adjective) a paper bag.) papper
    2) (a single (often printed or typed) piece of this: There were papers all over his desk.) papper
    3) (a newspaper: Have you read the paper?) tidning
    4) (a group of questions for a written examination: The Latin paper was very difficult.) skriftligt prov
    5) ((in plural) documents proving one's identity, nationality etc: The policeman demanded my papers.) legitimationshandling
    - paperback 2. adjective
    paperback novels.) häftad, pocket-
    - paper-knife
    - paper sculpture
    - paperweight
    - paperwork

    English-Swedish dictionary > paper

  • 719 parenthesis

    n. parantes; mellanspel; episod; parantestecken
    * * *
    plural - parentheses; noun
    1) (a word or group of words within a sentence, which gives a comment etc and usually separates from the rest of the sentence by brackets, dashes etc: I asked John (my friend John Smith) to come and see me.) parentes
    2) (a round bracket used to mark the seperate part of such a sentence.) parentestecken
    - in parentheses

    English-Swedish dictionary > parenthesis

  • 720 parody

    n. parodi (kreation som innehåller humoristiska immitationer av figurer, speciella kreationer eller stiler)
    v. göra parodi på
    * * *
    ['pærədi] 1. plural - parodies; noun
    1) (an amusing imitation of a serious author's style of writing: He writes parodies of John Donne's poems.) parodi
    2) (a very bad imitation: a parody of the truth.) parodi
    2. verb
    (to make a parody of (something or someone).) parodiera

    English-Swedish dictionary > parody

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