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  • 561 goody

    n. godsak
    * * *
    plural - goodies; noun ((usually in plural) any food (eg cake, ice-cream) which is particularly enjoyable to eat: the goodies at a children's party.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > goody

  • 562 goose

    n. gås; gåskött; dumbom (slang)
    n. skräddares strykjärn
    v. knuffa i baken ( i syfte att överraska) ( slang); sätta fart på ( slang)
    * * *
    plural - geese; noun
    (a web-footed animal like a duck, but larger: The farmer's wife keeps geese.)
    - he wouldn't say boo to a goose

    English-Swedish dictionary > goose

  • 563 granary

    n. kornbod; spannmålsmagasin
    * * *
    plural - granaries; noun
    (a storehouse for grain.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > granary

  • 564 gratuity

    n. gratifikation; drickspengar; bonus
    * * *
    plural - gratuities; noun
    (a small sum of money given as a reward for good service; a tip.)
    - gratuitously
    - gratuitousness

    English-Swedish dictionary > gratuity

  • 565 gravy

    n. köttsås; lättförtjänta pengar
    * * *
    plural - gravies; noun
    ((a sauce made from) the juices from meat that is cooking.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > gravy

  • 566 greenfly

    plural - greenfly; noun (a type of small, green insect: The leaves of this rose tree have been eaten by greenfly.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > greenfly

  • 567 grizzly

    adj. grå, gråaktig; gråhårig
    n. grisslybjörn
    * * *
    plural - grizzlies; noun
    ((usually grizzly bear) a large fierce North American bear.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > grizzly

  • 568 guideline

    n. rättesnöre
    * * *
    noun ((usually in plural) an indication as to how something should be done.) riktlinje

    English-Swedish dictionary > guideline

  • 569 gully

    n. ränna, kanal
    * * *
    plural - gullies; noun
    (a channel worn by running water eg on a mountain side.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > gully

  • 570 gum

    n. gummi; tuggummi; klister; tandkött
    v. fästa med gummi, klistra
    * * *
    I noun
    ((usually in plural) the firm flesh in which the teeth grow.) tandkött
    II 1. noun
    1) (a sticky juice got from some trees and plants.) gummi
    2) (a glue: We can stick these pictures into the book with gum.) klister
    3) (a type of sweet: a fruit gum.) vingummi
    4) (chewing-gum: He chews gum when he is working.) tuggummi
    2. verb
    (to glue with gum: I'll gum this bit on to the other one.) fästa, klistra fast (upp)
    - gumminess

    English-Swedish dictionary > gum

  • 571 guppy

    n. guppy (liten akvariefisk)
    * * *
    plural - guppies; noun
    (a small brightly-coloured fresh-water fish, often kept in aquariums.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > guppy

  • 572 half

    adj. halv'
    adv. till hälften, halvt
    n. halva, hälft; mittfältsspelare (fotboll)
    * * *
    1. plural - halves; noun
    1) (one of two equal parts of anything: He tried to stick the two halves together again; half a kilo of sugar; a kilo and a half of sugar; one and a half kilos of sugar.) halva, hälft
    2) (one of two equal parts of a game (eg in football, hockey) usually with a break between them: The Rangers scored three goals in the first half.) halvlek
    2. adjective
    1) (being (equal to) one of two equal parts (of something): a half bottle of wine.) halv
    2) (being made up of two things in equal parts: A centaur is a mythical creature, half man and half horse.) hälften
    3) (not full or complete: a half smile.) halv-
    3. adverb
    1) (to the extent of one half: This cup is only half full; It's half empty.) till hälften, halvt, halv-
    2) (almost; partly: I'm half hoping he won't come; half dead from hunger.) nästan
    - halve
    - half-and-half
    - half-back
    - half-brother
    - half-sister
    - half-caste
    - half-hearted
    - half-heartedly
    - half-heartedness
    - half-holiday
    - half-hourly
    - half-term
    - half-time
    - half-way
    - half-wit
    - half-witted
    - half-yearly
    - at half mast
    - by half
    - do things by halves
    - go halves with
    - half past three
    - four
    - seven
    - in half
    - not half

    English-Swedish dictionary > half

  • 573 halo

    n. gloria, ljuskrans
    * * *
    plural - halo(e)s; noun
    1) (a ring of light round the sun or moon.)
    2) (a similar ring of light round the head of a holy person in a picture etc.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > halo

  • 574 handkerchief

    n. näsduk
    * * *
    ['hæŋkə if]
    plurals - handkerchiefs, handkerchieves; noun
    (( abbreviation hanky) (plural hankies, hankie) a small usually square piece of cloth or paper tissue used for wiping or blowing one's nose into.) näsduk

    English-Swedish dictionary > handkerchief

  • 575 harmony

    n. harmoni (samordning, överensstämmande, perfekt blandning)
    * * *
    plural - harmonies; noun
    1) ((of musical sounds, colours etc) (the state of forming) a pleasing combination: The singers sang in harmony.) harmoni, samklang, välljud
    2) (the agreement of people's feelings, opinions etc: Few married couples live in perfect harmony.) harmoni
    - harmonious
    - harmoniously
    - harmoniousness
    - harmonize
    - harmonise
    - harmonization
    - harmonisation

    English-Swedish dictionary > harmony

  • 576 haunch

    n. ländstycke, lår, bakdel
    * * *
    [ho:n ]
    1) ((usually in plural) the fleshy part of the hip: The children were squatting on their haunches.) höft, länd, [] huk
    2) (the leg and lower part of the body of a deer etc, as meat: a haunch of venison.) lår[], kyl

    English-Swedish dictionary > haunch

  • 577 he-man

    - plural he-men - noun (a very strong, powerful man.) he-man, karlakarl

    English-Swedish dictionary > he-man

  • 578 headquarters

    n. högkvarter, huvudkontor
    * * *
    noun singular or plural ((often abbreviated to HQ [ei 'kju:] noun) the place from which the chief officers or leaders of an organization (especially an army) direct and control the activities of that organization: During the election, his house was used as the campaign headquarters.) högkvarter

    English-Swedish dictionary > headquarters

  • 579 heap

    n. hop; massa; (skrot) hög; lägga i en hög; fylla med; en särskild del av minnet som är använt för lagringen av viktiga resurser (data)
    v. hopa, lägga i en hög; fylla
    * * *
    [hi:p] 1. noun
    1) (a large amount or a large number, in a pile: a heap of sand/apples.) hög, hop
    2) ((usually in plural with of) many, much or plenty: We've got heaps of time; I've done that heaps of times.) massor av
    2. verb
    1) (to put, throw etc in a heap: I'll heap these stones (up) in a corner of the garden.) lägga (kasta) i en hög, stapla
    2) (to fill or cover with a heap: He heaped his plate with vegetables; He heaped insults on his opponent.) fylla, överösa

    English-Swedish dictionary > heap

  • 580 henchman

    n. livtjänare, livsven
    * * *
    ['hen mən]
    plural - henchmen; noun
    (a loyal supporter, especially one who obeys the leader's orders without question: a politician/gangster and his henchmen.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > henchman

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