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  • 501 embargo

    n. förbud, blockad
    v. lägga embargo på, konfiskera
    * * *
    plural - embargoes; noun
    (an official order forbidding something, especially trade with another country.) embargo

    English-Swedish dictionary > embargo

  • 502 embassy

    n. ambassad
    * * *
    plural - embassies; noun
    ((the official residence of) an ambassador and his staff: the American embassy in London.) ambassad

    English-Swedish dictionary > embassy

  • 503 embryo

    n. ofullgånget foster; frö, början
    * * *
    plural - embryos; noun
    1) (a young animal or plant in its earliest stages in seed, egg or womb: An egg contains the embryo of a chicken; ( also adjective) the embryo child.)
    2) (( also adjective) (of) the beginning stage of anything: The project is still at the embryo stage.)
    - embryological
    - embryologist
    - embryonic

    English-Swedish dictionary > embryo

  • 504 emergency

    adj. nöd-
    n. nödläge
    * * *
    plural - emergencies; noun
    (an unexpected, especially dangerous happening or situation: Call the doctor - it's an emergency; You must save some money for emergencies; ( also adjective) an emergency exit.) nödläge

    English-Swedish dictionary > emergency

  • 505 emphasis

    n. tonvikt, betoning, betonande
    * * *
    plural - emphases; noun
    1) (stress put on certain words in speaking etc; greater force of voice used in words or parts of words to make them more noticeable: In writing we sometimes underline words to show emphasis.) betoning
    2) (force; firmness: `I do not intend to go,' he said with emphasis.) eftertryck, emfas
    3) (importance given to something: He placed great emphasis on this point.) betoning, tonvikt
    - emphasise
    - emphatic
    - emphatically

    English-Swedish dictionary > emphasis

  • 506 energy

    n. energi; kraft
    * * *
    plural - energies; noun
    1) (the ability to act, or the habit of acting, strongly and vigorously: He has amazing energy for his age; That child has too much energy; I must devote my energies to gardening today.) energi
    2) (the power, eg of electricity, of doing work: electrical energy; nuclear energy.) energi, kraft
    - energetically

    English-Swedish dictionary > energy

  • 507 entreaty

    n. enträgen begäran, bön
    * * *
    plural - entreaties; noun ((an) earnest request or plea.) enträgen bön (begäran, anhållan)

    English-Swedish dictionary > entreaty

  • 508 entry

    n. ingång; rubrik; inskrivning
    * * *
    plural - entries; noun
    1) ((an) act of coming in or going in: They were silenced by the entry of the headmaster.)
    2) (the right to enter: We can't go in - the sign says `No Entry'.)
    3) (place of entrance, especially a passage or small entrance hall: Don't bring your bike in here - leave it in the entry.)
    4) (a person or thing entered for a competition etc: There are forty-five entries for the painting competition.)
    5) (something written in a list in a book etc: Some of the entries in the cash-book are inaccurate.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > entry

  • 509 erratum

    n. tryckfel, skrivfel
    * * *
    plural - errata; noun
    (an error in writing or printing: The errata are listed at the beginning of the book.) tryckfel, skrivfel

    English-Swedish dictionary > erratum

  • 510 estuary

    n. flodmynning
    * * *
    plural - estuaries; noun
    (the wide lower part of a river up which the tide flows: the Thames estuary.) flodmynning

    English-Swedish dictionary > estuary

  • 511 eulogy

    n. lovtal, minnestal
    * * *
    plural - eulogies; noun
    ((a speech or piece of writing containing) high praise.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > eulogy

  • 512 eventuality

    n. möjlighet, eventualitet
    * * *
    - plural eventualities - noun (a possible happening: We are ready for all eventualities.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > eventuality

  • 513 Excellency

    n. förträfflighet; excellens
    * * *
    - plural Excellencies - noun ((with His, Your etc) a title of honour, used eg for ambassadors: His/Your Excellency; Their Excellencies.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > Excellency

  • 514 extremity

    n. ytterlighet; extremiteter, kroppsdel
    * * *
    1) (the farthest point: The two poles represent the extremities of the earth's axis.)
    2) (an extreme degree; the quality of being extreme: Their suffering reached such extremities that many died.)
    3) (a situation of great danger or distress: They need help in this extremity.)
    4) (the parts of the body furthest from the middle eg the hands and feet.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > extremity

  • 515 factory

    n. fabrik
    * * *
    plural - factories; noun
    (a workshop where manufactured articles are made in large numbers: a car factory; ( also adjective) a factory worker.) fabrik

    English-Swedish dictionary > factory

  • 516 faculty

    n. förmåga; mental förmåga; sinne; talang; duglighet; fakultet; kår, kollegium
    * * *
    plural - faculties; noun
    1) (a power of the mind: the faculty of reason.) själs-, sinnesförmögenhet
    2) (a natural power of the body: the faculty of hearing.) hörselförmåga
    3) (ability or skill: She has a faculty for saying the right thing.) förmåga, fallenhet, talang
    4) ((often with capital) a section of a university: the Faculty of Arts/Science.) fakultet

    English-Swedish dictionary > faculty

  • 517 fairy

    adj. feliknande; älv-; fantasi-, magisk
    n. älva, fe; homosexuell (slang)
    * * *
    plural - fairies; noun
    (an imaginary creature in the form of a very small (often winged) human, with magical powers: Children often believe in fairies; ( also adjective) fairy-land.) fe, älva
    - fairy-tale

    English-Swedish dictionary > fairy

  • 518 fallacy

    n. vanföreställning; villfarelse; misstag; falsk slutledning
    * * *
    plural - fallacies; noun
    (a wrong idea or belief, usually one that is generally believed to be true; false reasoning: That belief is just a fallacy.) vanföreställning, villfarelse

    English-Swedish dictionary > fallacy

  • 519 falsetto

    adj. falsettsångare (inom musik: hög mansröst); falsett-
    n. falsett (inom musik: hög mansröst); falsettsångare
    * * *
    [fo:l'setou] 1. plural - falsettos; noun
    (an unnaturally high (singing) voice in men, or a man with such a voice: He was singing in falsetto; He is a falsetto.) falsett
    2. adverb
    He sings falsetto.) i falsett

    English-Swedish dictionary > falsetto

  • 520 familiarity

    n. kännedom om; bekantskap; nära förtrogen; förtrolighet, otvungenhet; närgångenhet
    * * *
    1) (the state of being familiar: I was surprised by her familiarity with our way of life.)
    2) (an act of (too) friendly behaviour: You must not allow such familiarities.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > familiarity

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