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  • 481 discovery

    n. upptäckt; avslöjande
    * * *
    plural - discoveries; noun a voyage of discovery; She made several startling discoveries.) upptäckt

    English-Swedish dictionary > discovery

  • 482 discrepancy

    n. avvikelse, brist på överensstämmelse
    * * *
    plural - discrepancies; noun
    (disagreement or difference.) brist på överensstämmelse, diskrepans

    English-Swedish dictionary > discrepancy

  • 483 dispensary

    n. apotek, klinik
    * * *
    plural - dispensaries; noun (a place especially in a hospital where medicines are given out.) apotek

    English-Swedish dictionary > dispensary

  • 484 distillery

    n. bränneri, spritfabrik
    * * *
    plural - distilleries; noun (a place where distilling (of whisky, brandy etc) is done.) spritfabrik

    English-Swedish dictionary > distillery

  • 485 ditty

    n. liten visa, enkel dikt
    * * *
    plural - ditties; noun
    (a simple little song.) visa, sång

    English-Swedish dictionary > ditty

  • 486 divinity

    n. gudomlighet, teologi
    * * *
    1) (religious studies.) teologi, religionskunskap
    2) (a god or goddess: The ancient Greeks worshipped many divinities.) gud, gudinna
    3) (the state of being divine: the divinity of God.) gudomlighet

    English-Swedish dictionary > divinity

  • 487 dolly

    n. docka; (skjut) vagn
    * * *
    plural - dollies; noun
    (a child's word for a doll.) docka

    English-Swedish dictionary > dolly

  • 488 domino

    n. domino (slags rock)
    * * *
    plural - dominoes; noun
    (an oblong piece of wood etc marked with spots with which the game of dominoes is played.) dominobricka

    English-Swedish dictionary > domino

  • 489 dormitory

    n. sovsal (på en anstalt)
    * * *
    plural - dormitories; noun
    1) (a room used for sleeping in, with many beds.) sovsal
    2) ((American) a building with rooms for university students to live in.) studenthem

    English-Swedish dictionary > dormitory

  • 490 dowry

    n. hemgift; begåvning, gåva; naturlig fördel
    * * *
    plural - dowries; noun
    (money and property brought by a woman to her husband when they marry.) hemgift

    English-Swedish dictionary > dowry

  • 491 drapery

    n. tyg; gardintyg
    * * *
    plural - draperies; noun
    1) (a draper's business.) klädeshandel, manufakturaffär
    2) (cloth used for draping: walls hung with blue drapery.) drapering, draperi

    English-Swedish dictionary > drapery

  • 492 draughts

    , (American checkers) noun
    1) (singular a game for two people, played on a board (a draughtboard, (American) checkerboard) exactly like a chessboard, with twenty-four discs.) dam[]
    2) (plural the discs.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > draughts

  • 493 due

    adj. som skall betalas, förfallen till betalning; vederbörlig
    n. skuld; avgift, böter; tullavgift
    * * *
    [dju:] 1. adjective
    1) (owed: I think I'm still due some pay; Our thanks are due to the doctor.) som skall betalas (tackas)
    2) (expected according to timetable, promise etc: The bus is due in three minutes.) skall komma, beräknas ankomma
    3) (proper: Take due care.) vederbörlig, ordentlig
    2. adverb
    (directly South: sailing due east.) rakt
    3. noun
    1) (what is owed, especially what one has a right to: I'm only taking what is my due.) vad som tillkommer ngn, skuld
    2) ((in plural) charge, fee or toll: He paid the dues on the cargo.) tull, avgifter
    - due to
    - give someone his due
    - give his due

    English-Swedish dictionary > due

  • 494 dummy

    n. attrapp, dummy; förfalskning
    * * *
    plural - dummies; noun
    1) (an artificial substitute looking like the real thing: The packets of cigarettes on display were dummies.) attrapp, dummy
    2) (a model of a human used for displaying clothes etc: a dressmaker's dummy.) skyltdocka
    3) (an artificial teat put in a baby's mouth to comfort it.) napp

    English-Swedish dictionary > dummy

  • 495 duty

    n. plikt, skyldighet; skatt
    * * *
    plural - duties; noun
    1) (what one ought morally or legally to do: He acted out of duty; I do my duty as a responsible citizen.) plikt
    2) (an action or task requiring to be done, especially one attached to a job: I had a few duties to perform in connection with my job.) åliggande, uppgift, göromål
    3) ((a) tax on goods: You must pay duty when you bring wine into the country.) skatt, tull
    - dutiful
    - duty-free
    - off duty
    - on duty

    English-Swedish dictionary > duty

  • 496 dynamo

    n. Dynamo (maskin som omvandlar mekanisk energi till elektrisk ström)
    * * *
    plural - dynamos; noun
    (a machine that produces electric currents.) generator, dynamo

    English-Swedish dictionary > dynamo

  • 497 eat

    v. äta; förstöra; tära, fräta; förtära
    * * *
    [i:t] 1. past tense - ate; verb
    (to (chew and) swallow; to take food: They are forbidden to eat meat; They ate up all the cakes; We must eat to live.) äta
    2. noun
    ((in plural) food: Cover all eatables to keep mice away.) matvaror
    - eat one's words

    English-Swedish dictionary > eat

  • 498 echo

    n. eko
    v. eka; upprepa
    * * *
    ['ekəu] 1. plural - echoes; noun
    (the repeating of a sound caused by its striking a surface and coming back: The children shouted loudly in the cave so that they could hear the echoes.) eko
    2. verb
    1) (to send back an echo or echoes: The cave was echoing with shouts; The hills echoed his shout.) eka
    2) (to repeat (a sound or a statement): She always echoes her husband's opinion.) upprepa som ett eko

    English-Swedish dictionary > echo

  • 499 eddy

    n. virvel
    v. virvla
    * * *
    ['edi] 1. plural - eddies; noun
    (a current of water or air running back against the main stream or current.) virvel
    2. verb
    (to move round and round: The water eddied round the pier; The crowds eddied to and fro in the square.) virvla, kretsa

    English-Swedish dictionary > eddy

  • 500 elf

    Extremt låg frekvens, väldigt lågfrekvens elektromagnetisk strålning från husgeråd m.m.
    ELF (Extremely Low Frequency)
    * * *
    plural - elves; noun
    (a tiny and mischievous fairy.) alf, älva

    English-Swedish dictionary > elf

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