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  • 421 commodity

    n. handelsvara, vara; artikel
    * * *
    plural - commodities; noun
    (an article which is bought or sold: soap, toothpaste and other household commodities.) vara, artikel

    English-Swedish dictionary > commodity

  • 422 community

    n. samhälle; gemenskap
    * * *
    plural - communities; noun
    1) (a group of people especially having the same religion or nationality and living in the same general area: the West Indian community in London.) koloni, grupp
    2) (the public in general: He did it for the good of the community; ( also adjective) a community worker, a community centre.) det allmänna, samhället

    English-Swedish dictionary > community

  • 423 company

    n. kompani, företag; gäng, sällskap; trupp, grupp
    * * *
    plural - companies; noun
    1) (a number of people joined together for a (commercial) purpose: a glass-manufacturing company.) företag
    2) (guests: I'm expecting company tonight.) gäster, besök
    3) (companionship: I was grateful for her company; She's always good company.) sällskap
    4) (a group of companions: He got into bad company.) sällskap
    5) (a large group of soldiers, especially part of an infantry battalion.) kompani
    - keep someone company
    - keep company
    - part company with
    - part company

    English-Swedish dictionary > company

  • 424 compass

    n. kompass; område
    v. omge; förstå
    * * *
    ( noun)
    1) (an instrument with a magnetized needle, used to find directions: If he had carried a compass he would not have lost his way on the hills.) kompass
    2) ((in plural) an instrument with two movable legs, for drawing circles etc.) passare
    3) (scope or range.) omfång, område

    English-Swedish dictionary > compass

  • 425 complexity

    n. komplexitet, invecklad beskaffenhet
    * * *
    1) (the quality of being complex.) sammansatt (invecklad, komplicerad) beskaffenhet
    2) (something complex.) komplikation, krånglighet

    English-Swedish dictionary > complexity

  • 426 concerto

    n. konsert (musikalisk skapelse för solist och orkester)
    * * *
    [kən' ə:təu]
    plural - concertos; noun
    (a piece of music written for one or more solo instruments and orchestra: a piano concerto.) konsert

    English-Swedish dictionary > concerto

  • 427 confederacy

    n. allians, förbund
    * * *
    - plural confederacies - noun (a league or alliance (of states etc).) allians, förbund

    English-Swedish dictionary > confederacy

  • 428 congratulation

    n. gratulation, lyckönskning
    * * *
    noun ((usually in plural): Warmest congratulations on the birth of your baby; a message of congratulation.) gratulation, lyckönskning

    English-Swedish dictionary > congratulation

  • 429 conspiracy

    n. konspiration, sammansvärjning
    * * *
    - plural conspiracies - noun ((a plan made by) conspiring: The government discovered the conspiracy in time.) konspiration, sammansvärjning

    English-Swedish dictionary > conspiracy

  • 430 constabulary

    adj. polis-
    n. polisstyrka, poliskår
    * * *
    - plural constabularies - noun (a police force.) poliskår

    English-Swedish dictionary > constabulary

  • 431 constituency

    n. valkrets; valmanskår
    * * *
    plural - constituencies; noun (the group of voters, or the area in which they live, represented by a member of parliament.) valkrets

    English-Swedish dictionary > constituency

  • 432 contingency

    n. tillfälle, möjlighet
    * * *
    plural - contingencies; noun (a chance happening: We're prepared for all contingencies.) eventualitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > contingency

  • 433 control

    n. kontroll; övervakning, tillsyn; kontrolltavla; behärskning
    v. kontrollera, styra; behärska; övervaka; inspektera
    * * *
    [kən'trəul] 1. noun
    1) (the right of directing or of giving orders; power or authority: She has control over all the decisions in that department; She has no control over that dog.) kontroll, herravälde
    2) (the act of holding back or restraining: control of prices; I know you're angry but you must not lose control (of yourself).) kontroll
    3) ((often in plural) a lever, button etc which operates (a machine etc): The clutch and accelerator are foot controls in a car.) kontroll[], reglage
    4) (a point or place at which an inspection takes place: passport control.) kontroll
    2. verb
    1) (to direct or guide; to have power or authority over: The captain controls the whole ship; Control your dog!) kontrollera, bestämma över, hålla ordning på
    2) (to hold back; to restrain (oneself or one's emotions etc): Control yourself!) behärska
    3) (to keep to a fixed standard: The government is controlling prices.) kontrollera, övervaka
    - control-tower
    - in control of
    - in control
    - out of control
    - under control

    English-Swedish dictionary > control

  • 434 controversy

    n. kontrovers; debatt
    * * *
    [kən'trovəsi, 'kontrəvə:si]
    plural - controversies; noun
    ((an) argument between opposing points of view: the controversy over the appointment of the new chairman.) kontrovers
    - controversially

    English-Swedish dictionary > controversy

  • 435 convulsion

    n. konvulsion, kramp, krampryckningar
    * * *
    noun ((often in plural) a sudden stiffening or jerking of the muscles of the body.) konvulsion[], kramp

    English-Swedish dictionary > convulsion

  • 436 copy

    n. kopia; exemplar
    v. kopiera; imitera
    * * *
    ['kopi] 1. plural - copies; noun
    1) (an imitation or reproduction: That dress is a copy of one I saw at a Paris fashion show; He made eight copies of the pamphlet on the photocopier.)
    2) (a single book, newspaper etc: Can I have six copies of this dictionary, please?)
    3) (written or typed material for publishing: He writes copy for advertisements.)
    2. verb
    (to make an imitation or reproduction of (something): Copy the way I speak; Copy this passage into your notebook.) efterlikna, ta efter, skriva av, kopiera
    - copyright

    English-Swedish dictionary > copy

  • 437 cord

    n. rep; (musik) sträng; snöre
    v. binda med rep
    * * *
    1) ((a piece of) thin rope or thick string: The burglars tied up the nightwatchman with thick cord.) rep, snöre, lina
    2) (a string-like part of the body: the spinal cord; the vocal cords.) []märg, []band
    3) (a length of electric cable or flex attached to an electrical appliance: the cord of his electric razor.) sladd
    4) (a kind of velvet fabric with a ribbed appearance; (in plural) trousers made of this: a pair of cords.) manchester

    English-Swedish dictionary > cord

  • 438 countable

    adj. räknebar, som går att räkna
    * * *
    1) (capable of being numbered: Millionths of a second are countable only on very complicated instruments.) som kan räknas, räknebar
    2) ((negative uncountable: also count) (of a noun) capable of forming a plural and using the definite or indefinite article: Table is a count(able) noun, but milk is an uncountable noun.) []mark, pjäs, bricka

    English-Swedish dictionary > countable

  • 439 country

    adj. lantlig
    n. land; område; område, trakt; landsbygd
    * * *
    plural - countries; noun
    1) (any of the nations of the world; the land occupied by a nation: Canada is a larger country than Spain.)
    2) (the people of a country: The whole country is in agreement with your views.)
    3) ((usually with the) districts where there are fields, moors etc as opposed to towns and areas with many buildings: a quiet holiday in the country; ( also adjective) country districts.)
    4) (an area or stretch of land: hilly country.)
    - countryman
    - countryside

    English-Swedish dictionary > country

  • 440 county

    n. grevskap, län
    * * *
    plural - counties; noun
    (a large administrative unit of local government in England and Wales and in the United States.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > county

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