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  • 401 chequers

    [' ekəz]
    1) (singular the game of draughts.) dam[]
    2) (plural the pieces used in this game.) bricka i damspel

    English-Swedish dictionary > chequers

  • 402 cherry

    adj. röd
    n. körsbär, bigarrå
    * * *
    [' eri]
    plural - cherries; noun
    (a type of small usually red fruit with a stone.) körsbär, bigarrå

    English-Swedish dictionary > cherry

  • 403 child

    n. barn
    * * *
    plural - children; noun
    1) (a young human being of either sex.) barn
    2) (a son or daughter: Her youngest child is five years old.) barn
    - childish
    - childishly
    - childishness
    - childless
    - childlike
    - childbirth
    - child's play

    English-Swedish dictionary > child

  • 404 chip

    n. flisa, bit, skiva; datachip; spelmark; pommes frites
    v. bryta av en bit; gå sönder; skulpturera
    * * *
    [ ip] 1. past tense, past participle - chipped; verb
    (to knock or strike small pieces off: This glass (was) chipped when I knocked it over.) slå en flisa ur
    2. noun
    1) (a place from which a small piece is broken: There's a chip in the edge of this saucer.) hack
    2) ((American french fries) (usually in plural) a cut piece of potato (fried): steak and chips.) pommes frites
    3) (a counter representing a certain value, used in gambling.) spelmark
    4) (a very small printed circuit, as used in computers, TV sets etc.) chip

    English-Swedish dictionary > chip

  • 405 chop

    n. hugg; skärande slag; förskärare; sigill, stämpel, varumärke
    v. hacka i småbitar, hacka sönder
    * * *
    I 1. [ op] past tense, past participle - chopped; verb
    ((sometimes with up) to cut (into small pieces): He chopped up the vegetables.) hacka, hugga
    2. noun
    (a slice of mutton, pork etc containing a rib.) kotlett
    - choppy
    - choppiness
    - chop and change
    - chop down
    II [ op] noun
    ((in plural) the jaws or mouth, especially of an animal: the wolf's chops.) käft, käkar

    English-Swedish dictionary > chop

  • 406 chorus

    n. kör; körsång; refräng
    v. sjunga i kör
    * * *
    ['ko:rəs] 1. plural - choruses; noun
    1) (a group of singers: the festival chorus.) kor, kör
    2) (a group of singers and dancers in a musical show.) revybalett
    3) (part of a song repeated after each verse: The audience joined in the chorus.) refräng
    4) (something said or shouted by a number of people together: He was greeted by a chorus of cheers.) korus, kör
    2. verb
    (to sing or say together: The children chorused `Goodbye, Miss Smith'.) säga (sjunga, ropa) i korus (kör)

    English-Swedish dictionary > chorus

  • 407 circus

    n. cirkus; torg, rund öppen plats
    * * *
    plural - circuses; noun
    1) (a travelling show with performances by horsemen, acrobats, animals etc: The children went to the circus.) cirkus
    2) (an open space in a town etc where several roads meet: Piccadilly Circus.) rundel

    English-Swedish dictionary > circus

  • 408 city

    n. stad
    * * *
    plural - cities; noun
    1) (a very large town.) []stad
    2) (a town, usually with a cathedral, granted special rights.) []stad

    English-Swedish dictionary > city

  • 409 class

    n. klassrum; status; del, avdelning; datastruktur som även innehåller systemet för att behandla datan (data)
    v. tillskriva; klassificera
    * * *
    1. plural - classes; noun
    1) (a group of people or things that are alike in some way: The dog won first prize in its class in the dog show.) klass
    2) ((the system according to which people belong to) one of a number of economic/social groups: the upper class; the middle class; the working class; ( also adjective) the class system.) klass
    3) (a grade or rank (of merit): musicians of a high class.) klass
    4) (a number of students or scholars taught together: John and I are in the same class.) klass
    5) (a school lesson or college lecture etc: a French class.) lektion
    6) ((American) a course or series of lectures, often leading to an examination.) kurs
    2. verb
    (to regard as being of a certain type: He classes all women as stupid.) klassa
    - class-room

    English-Swedish dictionary > class

  • 410 classical

    adj. klassisk, traditionell, utmärkt
    * * *
    ['klæsikəl] 1. adjective
    1) ((especially of literature, art etc) of ancient Greece and Rome: classical studies.) klassisk
    2) ((of music) having the traditional, established harmony and/or form: He prefers classical music to popular music.) klassisk
    3) ((of literature) considered to be of the highest class.) klassisk
    2. noun
    1) (an established work of literature of high quality: I have read all the classics.) klassiker
    2) ((in plural) the language and literature of Greece and Rome: He is studying classics.) den klassiska litteraturen

    English-Swedish dictionary > classical

  • 411 climax

    n. klimax, höjdpunkt, toppunkt
    v. stegra; bringa till höjdpunkt, nå höjdpunkt
    * * *
    plural - climaxes; noun
    (the highest point; the most dramatic moment: the climax of the novel.) klimax, höjdpunkt, kulmen

    English-Swedish dictionary > climax

  • 412 clipper

    n. klippare (fartyg), snällseglare; klipper (flygplan)
    * * *
    1) ((in plural) a tool for clipping: hedge-clippers; nail-clippers.) sax, klippmaskin
    2) (a type of fast sailing-ship.) klipper

    English-Swedish dictionary > clipper

  • 413 cloth

    n. tyg; trasa
    * * *
    plural - cloths; noun
    ((a piece of) woven material from which clothes and many other items are made: a tablecloth; a face-cloth; a floor-cloth; Woollen cloth is often more expensive than other cloths.) tyg, duk, trasa

    English-Swedish dictionary > cloth

  • 414 cloudberry

    plural - cloudberries; noun
    (a type of orange-yellow raspberry that grows in northern regions.) hjortron

    English-Swedish dictionary > cloudberry

  • 415 cockatoo

    n. kakadua (en sorts papegoja)
    * * *
    plural - cockatoos; noun
    (a parrot with a large crest.) kakadua

    English-Swedish dictionary > cockatoo

  • 416 colliery

    n. kolgruva
    * * *
    plural - collieries; noun (a coalmine.) kolgruva

    English-Swedish dictionary > colliery

  • 417 colony

    n. koloni, nybygge
    * * *
    plural - colonies; noun
    1) ((a group of people who form) a settlement in one country etc which is under the rule of another country: France used to have many colonies in Africa.) koloni
    2) (a group of people having the same interests, living close together: a colony of artists.) koloni
    3) (a collection of animals, birds etc, of one type, living together: a colony of gulls.) koloni, samhälle
    - colonialism
    - colonialist
    - colonize
    - colonise
    - colonist
    - colonization
    - colonisation

    English-Swedish dictionary > colony

  • 418 comedy

    n. komedi (underhållande föreställning, lustspel)
    * * *
    plural - comedies; noun
    1) (a play of a pleasant or amusing kind: We went to see a comedy last night.) komedi
    2) (humour: They all saw the comedy of the situation.) komik, det komiska

    English-Swedish dictionary > comedy

  • 419 commando

    n. kommandotrupp; kommandosoldat
    * * *
    plural - commandos; noun
    ((a member of) a unit of troops specially trained for tasks requiring special courage and skill.) kommandosoldat, -trupp

    English-Swedish dictionary > commando

  • 420 commentary

    n. kommentar, uttalande
    * * *
    plural - commentaries; noun ((also running commentary) a series of broadcast comments by a reporter at a ceremony, sports event etc.) kommentar

    English-Swedish dictionary > commentary

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