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  • 381 calf

    n. kalv; elefantunge; en som är insnärjd, köttmarknad
    * * *
    I plural - calves; noun
    1) (the young of a cow, elephant, whale etc.)
    2) ((also calfskin) leather made from the skin of the young of a cow.)
    II plural - calves; noun
    (the thick fleshy back part of the leg below the knee: She has slim ankles but fat calves.) vad

    English-Swedish dictionary > calf

  • 382 calypso

    n. Calypso (nymf i grekisk mytologi)
    * * *
    plural - calypsos; noun
    (a West Indian folk-song, telling of a current event and sometimes made up as the singer goes along.) calypso

    English-Swedish dictionary > calypso

  • 383 cameo

    n. kamé
    * * *
    plural - cameos; noun
    (an engraved stone with a raised design, used as jewellery.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > cameo

  • 384 canary

    n. kanariefågel; sopran, vokalist; kanariesekt (sött vitt vin); kanariegul färg, ljusgul färg
    * * *
    plural - canaries; noun
    (a type of small, yellow, singing bird, kept as a pet.) kanariefågel

    English-Swedish dictionary > canary

  • 385 candy

    n. godis, karamell
    v. kandera; kristallisera
    * * *
    plural - candies; noun
    1) (sugar formed into a solid mass by boiling.) kandisocker
    2) ((American) a sweet or sweets; (a piece of) confectionery: That child eats too much candy; Have a candy!) sötsak[], godis, karamell[]
    - candy floss

    English-Swedish dictionary > candy

  • 386 cannery

    n. konservfabrik
    * * *
    plural - canneries; noun (a factory where goods are canned.) konservfabrik

    English-Swedish dictionary > cannery

  • 387 canopy

    n. baldakin, tronhimmel, sänghimmel; sittrumshuv (på flygplan); tak
    v. förse med baldakin, förse med tronhimmel, förse med tak
    * * *
    plural - canopies; noun
    (a covering hung over a throne, bed etc or (on poles) as a shelter.) baldakin, tron-, sänghimmel

    English-Swedish dictionary > canopy

  • 388 canvas

    adj. av hamp, av grovt linne
    n. grovt linne, hamp, segelduk
    v. genomarbeta; bearbeta
    * * *
    plural - canvases; noun
    1) (( also adjective) (of) a coarse cloth made of hemp or flax etc, used for sails, tents etc, and for painting on: canvas sails.) segel-, tältduk
    2) ((a piece of canvas for) a painting: He painted twenty canvases.) målarduk

    English-Swedish dictionary > canvas

  • 389 capacity

    n. plats, utrymme, kapacitet; egenskap, ställning, befogenhet
    * * *
    plural - capacities; noun
    1) (ability to hold, contain etc: This tank has a capacity of 300 gallons.) kapacitet
    2) (ability: his capacity for remembering facts.) förmåga
    3) (position: in his capacity as a leader.) egenskap, ställning

    English-Swedish dictionary > capacity

  • 390 capillary

    adj. hår-; hårfin
    n. hårrörskärl, kapillär
    * * *
    [kə'piləri, ]( American[) 'kæpəleri]
    American - capillaries; noun
    (a tube with a very small diameter, especially (in plural) the tiny vessels that join veins to arteries.) hårrörskärl, kapillär

    English-Swedish dictionary > capillary

  • 391 cargo

    n. last
    * * *
    plural - cargoes; noun
    (a load of goods carried by a ship etc: a cargo of cotton.) []last

    English-Swedish dictionary > cargo

  • 392 casino

    n. kasino (spelhall)
    * * *
    plural - casinos; noun
    (a building with gambling tables etc.) kasino

    English-Swedish dictionary > casino

  • 393 casualty

    n. döda och sårade, förolyckade, offer i krig; olycksfall
    * * *
    plural - casualties; noun
    (a person who is wounded or killed in a battle, accident etc: There were hundreds of casualties when the factory went on fire.) olycks-, krigsoffer, skadad, sårad

    English-Swedish dictionary > casualty

  • 394 category

    n. kategori, klass
    * * *
    plural - categories; noun
    (a class or division of things (or people): various categories of goods on sale.) kategori
    - categorise

    English-Swedish dictionary > category

  • 395 cavity

    n. hålighet, håla, hål
    * * *
    plural - cavities; noun
    (a hollow place; a hole: The dentist said she had three cavities in her teeth; The thief hid the necklace in a cavity in the wall.) hålighet, hål, kavitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > cavity

  • 396 celebrity

    n. kändis, berömd personlighet; berömdhet
    * * *
    - plural celebrities - noun (a well-known person: celebrities from the world of entertainment.) celebritet, kändis

    English-Swedish dictionary > celebrity

  • 397 census

    n. folkräkning
    * * *
    plural - censuses; noun
    (an official counting especially of a country's inhabitants: When was the last census in Britain?) folkräkning

    English-Swedish dictionary > census

  • 398 certainty

    n. säkerhet, visshet
    * * *
    plural - certainties; noun
    1) (something which cannot be doubted: It's a certainty that he will win.) någonting säkert, en given sak
    2) (freedom from doubt: Is there any certainty of success?) visshet

    English-Swedish dictionary > certainty

  • 399 charity

    n. medmänsklighet, godhet; barmhärtighet
    * * *
    [' ærəti]
    plural - charities; noun
    1) (kindness (especially in giving money to poor people): She gave clothes to the gypsies out of charity.) godhet, medmänsklighet
    2) (an organization set up to collect money for the needy, for medical research etc: Many charities sent money to help the victims of the disaster.) välgörenhet[]
    - charitably

    English-Swedish dictionary > charity

  • 400 chassis

    n. chassi, underrede, fundament
    * * *
    plural - chassis; noun
    (the frame of a motor car etc.) chassi

    English-Swedish dictionary > chassis

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