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  • 301 academy

    n. akademi, lärt samfund; skola
    * * *
    [ə'kædəmi] 1. plural - academies; noun
    1) (a higher school for special study: Academy of Music.) akademi
    2) (a society to encourage science, art etc: The Royal Academy.) samfund, akademi
    3) (a type of senior school.) akademi, skola
    2. noun
    (a university or college teacher.) akademiker, universitetslärare
    - academically

    English-Swedish dictionary > academy

  • 302 accessory

    adj. bidragande, hjälp-
    n. tillbehör; medhjälpare; medbrottsling
    * * *
    plural - accessories; noun
    1) (something additional (eg a handbag, scarf, shoes etc to the main part of a woman's clothing, or a radio, seat-covers etc to a car): She wore matching accessories.) accessoar, tillbehör
    2) ((legal) a person who helps somebody, especially a criminal.) medhjälpare

    English-Swedish dictionary > accessory

  • 303 account

    n. ett affärsavtal som tillåter användandet av något; ett formellt avtal där kunden ges tillträdelse till ett datasystem el. en Internet server (data, Internet) ; rapport; beskrivelse; förklaring
    v. redovisa; räknas; hänvisa (till)
    * * *
    1) (an arrangement by which a person keeps his money in a bank: I have (opened) an account with the local bank.) räkning
    2) (a statement of money owing: Send me an account.) räkenskaper
    3) (a description or explanation (of something that has happened): a full account of his holiday.) konto
    4) (an arrangement by which a person makes a regular (eg monthly) payment instead of paying at the time of buying: I have an account at Smiths.) konto
    5) ((usually in plural) a record of money received and spent: You must keep your accounts in order; ( also adjective) an account book.) redogörelse
    - accountant
    - account for
    - on account of
    - on my/his etc account
    - on my/his account
    - on no account
    - take something into account
    - take into account
    - take account of something
    - take account of

    English-Swedish dictionary > account

  • 304 activity

    n. aktivitet, verksamhet; livlighet
    * * *
    plural - activities; noun
    1) (the state of being active or lively: The streets are full of activity this morning.) aktivitet, verksamhet, liv
    2) (something which one does as a pastime, as part of one's job etc: His activities include fishing and golf.) aktivitet, sysselsättning

    English-Swedish dictionary > activity

  • 305 advance

    adj. avancerad; framtill
    n. frammarsch; framsteg; förskott; befordran
    v. avancera; gå framåt; flytta framåt; skynda; ge förskott
    * * *
    1. verb
    1) (to move forward: The army advanced towards the town; Our plans are advancing well; He married the boss's daughter to advance (= improve) his chances of promotion.) avancera, främja
    2) (to supply (someone) with (money) on credit: The bank will advance you $500.) förskottera, låna
    2. noun
    1) (moving forward or progressing: We've halted the enemy's advance; Great advances in medicine have been made in this century.) framryckning, framsteg
    2) (a payment made before the normal time: Can I have an advance on my salary?) förskott
    3) ((usually in plural) an attempt at (especially sexual) seduction.) närmande
    3. adjective
    1) (made etc before the necessary or agreed time: an advance payment.) förskotts-
    2) (made beforehand: an advance booking.) förhands-
    3) (sent ahead of the main group or force: the advance guard.) för[]
    - in advance

    English-Swedish dictionary > advance

  • 306 adversary

    n. motståndare; fiende; motspelare
    * * *
    plural - adversaries; noun
    (an opponent; an enemy: his adversary in the chess match.) motståndare, fiende

    English-Swedish dictionary > adversary

  • 307 affair

    n. historia, affär; sak, grej; affär, angelägenhet
    * * *
    1) (happenings etc which are connected with a particular person or thing: the Suez affair.) affär
    2) (a thing: The new machine is a weird-looking affair.) sak
    3) ((often in plural) business; concern(s): financial affairs; Where I go is entirely my own affair.) angelägenhet
    4) (a love relationship: His wife found out about his affair with another woman.) kärleksaffär, förhållande

    English-Swedish dictionary > affair

  • 308 age

    n. ålder; tid, period; generation
    v. åldras; komma att åldras
    * * *
    [ei‹] 1. noun
    1) (the amount of time during which a person or thing has existed: He went to school at the age of six (years); What age is she?) ålder
    2) ((often with capital) a particular period of time: This machine was the wonder of the age; the Middle Ages.) tid, tidevarv, period
    3) (the quality of being old: This wine will improve with age; With the wisdom of age he regretted the mistakes he had made in his youth.) ålder, ålderdom[]
    4) ((usually in plural) a very long time: We've been waiting (for) ages for a bus.) i en evighet, i evigheter
    2. verb
    (to (cause to) grow old or look old: He has aged a lot since I last saw him; His troubles have aged him.) åldras
    - ageless
    - age-old
    - the aged
    - come of age
    - of age

    English-Swedish dictionary > age

  • 309 agony

    n. vånda, plåga; dödsångest
    * * *
    plural - agonies; noun
    (great pain or suffering: The dying man was in agony; agonies of regret.) vånda
    - agonised
    - agonizing
    - agonising
    - agonizingly
    - agonisingly

    English-Swedish dictionary > agony

  • 310 aircraft

    n. flygmaskin
    * * *
    plural - aircraft; noun (any of several types of machine for flying in the air: Enemy aircraft have been sighted.) flygplan

    English-Swedish dictionary > aircraft

  • 311 allergy

    n. allergi (överkänslighet mot vissa ämnen)
    * * *
    plural - allergies; noun
    (an unusual sensitiveness of the body which causes certain people to be affected in a bad way by something usually harmless: The rash on her face is caused by an allergy to grass.) allergi

    English-Swedish dictionary > allergy

  • 312 alto

    n. alt (musik stämma)
    * * *
    plural - altos; noun
    ((a singer having) a singing voice of the lowest pitch for a woman.) alt

    English-Swedish dictionary > alto

  • 313 amenity

    n. bekvämlighet; angenämlighet; artighet
    * * *
    plural - amenities; noun
    (something that makes life more pleasant or convenient: This part of town has a lot of amenities - good shops, parks etc.) lockelse, bekvämlighet, facilitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > amenity

  • 314 amnesty

    n. Amnesty (organisation för mänskliga rättigheter)
    * * *
    plural - amnesties; noun
    (a general pardon given to people who have done wrong especially against the government: The murderer was released under the amnesty declared by the new president.)

    English-Swedish dictionary > amnesty

  • 315 analysis

    n. analys (av ett objekt eller ett fenomen); undersökning
    * * *
    plural - analyses; noun
    1) ((a) detailed examination of something (a sentence, a chemical compound etc) especially by breaking it up into the parts of which it is made up: The chemist is making an analysis of the poison; close analysis of the situation.)
    2) ((especially American) psycho-analysis: He is undergoing analysis for his emotional problems.)
    - analyst
    - analytical

    English-Swedish dictionary > analysis

  • 316 ancestry

    n. börd; anor; förfäder
    * * *
    plural - ancestries; noun (a line of ancestors coming down to one's parents: He is of noble ancestry.) börd

    English-Swedish dictionary > ancestry

  • 317 anniversary

    n. årsdag; födelsedag
    * * *
    plural - anniversaries; noun
    (the day of the year on which something once happened and is remembered: We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.) årsdag

    English-Swedish dictionary > anniversary

  • 318 antenna

    n. antenn; känselspröt, antenn
    * * *
    1) ((plural antennae [-ni:]) a feeler of an insect.) antenn, känselspröt
    2) ((plural antennas) (American) an aerial (for a radio etc).) antenn

    English-Swedish dictionary > antenna

  • 319 anthology

    n. antologi; samling; kompendium; litterär samling
    * * *
    plural - anthologies; noun
    (a collection of pieces of poetry or prose: an anthology of love poems.) antologi

    English-Swedish dictionary > anthology

  • 320 antiquity

    n. ålderdomlighet; forntiden; fornlämningar
    * * *
    1) (ancient times, especially those of the ancient Greeks and Romans: the gods and heroes of antiquity.) antiken, forntiden
    2) (great age: a statue of great antiquity.) uråldrighet
    3) ((plural antiquities) something remaining from ancient times (eg a statue, a vase): Roman antiquities.) fornlämning, antikvitet

    English-Swedish dictionary > antiquity

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