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not to deign to do something

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  • deign — [ deın ] verb intransitive if someone deigns to do something, they do it but in a way that shows they are not willing: Mandy was the only person who deigned to speak to him …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • deign — UK [deɪn] / US verb [intransitive] Word forms deign : present tense I/you/we/they deign he/she/it deigns present participle deigning past tense deigned past participle deigned showing disapproval if someone deigns to do something, they do it but… …   English dictionary

  • deign — [deɪn] verb do something that one considers to be beneath one s dignity: she did not deign to answer. Origin ME: from OFr. degnier, from L. dignare, dignari deem worthy , from dignus worthy …   English new terms dictionary

  • Soft law — The term soft law refers to quasi legal instruments which do not have any legally binding force, or whose binding force is somewhat weaker than the binding force of traditionallaw, often contrasted with soft law by being referred to as hard law …   Wikipedia

  • condescend — condescender, condescendent, n. /kon deuh send /, v.i. 1. to behave as if one is conscious of descending from a superior position, rank, or dignity. 2. to stoop or deign to do something: He would not condescend to misrepresent the facts. 3. to… …   Universalium

  • condescend — con•de•scend [[t]ˌkɒn dəˈsɛnd[/t]] v. i. 1) to behave as if one is descending from a superior position, rank, or dignity 2) to stoop or deign to do something: He would not condescend to misrepresent the facts[/ex] 3) to put aside one s dignity or …   From formal English to slang

  • stoop — {vb Stoop, condescend, deign can mean to descend below the level (as in rank or dignity) where one belongs or thinks he belongs to do something. Stoop implies a descent not only in rank or dignity but also, and more often, from a relatively high… …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • grant — 1 vt 1: to permit as a right or privilege grant a new trial the Supreme Court grant ed certiorari 2: to bestow or transfer formally; specif: to transfer the possession or title of by a deed: convey …   Law dictionary

  • List of minor Star Wars characters — This article is about minor characters in the fictional Star Wars universe, who do not fit into any other category.AlisiaAlisia is a female Gran who works as a station nurse in the Med Center of Tansarii Point Station. She and a 2 1B Surgical… …   Wikipedia

  • Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination — Official portrait of Clarence Thomas as chairman of the Equal Opportunity Commission circa 1989 90 On July 1, 1991, President George H. W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court of the United States to replace Thurgood Marshall, who …   Wikipedia

  • disdain — dis|dain1 [dısˈdeın] n [U] formal a complete lack of respect that you show for someone or something because you think they are not important or good enough with disdain ▪ She watched me with disdain. ▪ a look of complete disdain disdain for ▪ his …   Dictionary of contemporary English

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