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  • noshed — nɑʃ /nɒʃ n. snack; snacking, eating (Slang) v. (Slang) eat (especially sweets) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nosh — I UK [nɒʃ] / US [nɑʃ] noun British informal a) [uncountable] food b) [singular] a meal II UK [nɒʃ] / US [nɑʃ] verb [intransitive/transitive] Word forms nosh : present tense I/you/we/they nosh he/she/it noshes present participle noshing past tense …   English dictionary

  • Joseph Bonaparte — Joseph Napoléon Bonaparte, King of Naples and Sicily, King of Spain (during a time ) and the Indies (never de facto and never de iure), Comte de Survilliers (Corte, France, January 7, 1768 ndash; Florence, Italy, July 28, 1844) was the elder… …   Wikipedia

  • nosh — /nosh/, Informal. v.i. 1. to snack or eat between meals. v.t. 2. to snack on: They noshed peanuts and cookies while watching television. n. 3. a snack. [1955 60; < Yiddish nashn; MHG naschen, OHG nascon to nibble, gnaw; c. Dan naske, Sw snaska] * …   Universalium

  • nosh — (v.) 1957, from Yiddish nashn nibble, from M.H.G. naschen, from O.H.G. hnascon, nascon to nibble, from P.Gmc. * (g)naskon. Related: Noshed; noshing. Earlier as a noun (1917) meaning a restaurant, short for nosh house …   Etymology dictionary

  • nosh — I. n British 1. food. In Yiddish, the noun (deriving from the verb form, itself from the German naschen) signifies a snack or tidbit eaten between meals. In English usage it has been generalised to encompass all sizes of meal. ► Hey look at all… …   Contemporary slang

  • nosh — [[t]nɒ̱ʃ[/t]] noshes, noshing, noshed 1) N UNCOUNT Food can be referred to as nosh. [BRIT, INFORMAL] Fancy some nosh? Syn: grub 2) N SING A nosh is a snack or light meal. [AM, INFORMAL] 3) VERB If you nosh, you eat. [INFORMAL] She sprinkled… …   English dictionary

  • nosh — 1. noun all kinds of nosh See food 1) 2. verb they noshed on smoked salmon See eat 1) …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • nosh off — Verb. To fellate. Derived from nosh (verb) meaning to eat. E.g. She always noshed me off before I went to work; it helped me stick with that job for more than 5 years. 1990s …   English slang and colloquialisms

  • nosh on something — [“nof...] in. to make a snack of something. □ After Thanks iving, we noshed on turkey for three days. □ Who’s been noshing on the chocolate cake? …   Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

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