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nominative (case)

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  • Nominative case — The nominative case (abbreviated nom) is one of the grammatical cases of a noun or other part of speech, which generally marks the subject of a verb or the predicate noun or predicate adjective, as opposed to its object or other verb arguments.… …   Wikipedia

  • nominative case — noun the category of nouns serving as the grammatical subject of a verb • Syn: ↑nominative, ↑subject case • Ant: ↑oblique (for: ↑nominative) • Hypernyms: ↑case, ↑ …   Useful english dictionary

  • nominative case — noun the case used to indicate the subject or agent of a finite verb. Syn: subjective …   Wiktionary

  • nominative case — showing the subject of a verb (Grammar) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • nominative case —    Auikumu …   English-Hawaiian dictionary

  • Nominative–accusative language — Nominative accusative alignment Linguistic typology Morphological Isolating Synthetic …   Wikipedia

  • Case in tiers — is a model for assigning surface case to noun phrases (NPs) in a sentence. Introduced in Yip, Maling, and Jackendoff 1987, it has received at least 88 scholarly citations according to Google Scholar. The model takes its inspiration from the… …   Wikipedia

  • Nominative — Nom i*na*tive, a. [L. nominativus belonging to a name, nominative.] (Gram.) Giving a name; naming; designating; said of that case or form of a noun which stands as the subject of a finite verb. n. The nominative case. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • nominative — [näm′ə nə tiv; ] for adj.1 & 2, also [, näm′ənāt΄iv] adj. [ME nomenatyf < OFr nominatif < L nominativus, belonging to a name < pp. of nominare: see NOMINATE] 1. appointed or filled by appointment 2. having the name of a person on it, as… …   English World dictionary

  • nominative — ► ADJECTIVE 1) Grammar denoting a case of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives expressing the subject of a verb. 2) of or appointed by nomination as distinct from election. ► NOUN Grammar ▪ a word in the nominative case …   English terms dictionary

  • Nominative–absolutive language — Linguistic typology Morphological Isolating Synthetic Polysynthetic Fusional Agglutinative Morphosyntactic Ali …   Wikipedia

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