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nasturtium leaves

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  • nasturtium — noun /næsˈtʌːtɪəm/ The popular name of the Tropaeolum genus of flowering plants native to south and central America. Drenched were the cold fuchsias, round pearls of dew lay on the flat nasturtium leaves …   Wiktionary

  • Nasturtium — Nas*tur tium, n. [L. nasturtium, for nasitortium, fr. nasus nose + torquere, tortum, to twist, torture, in allusion to the causing one to make a wry face by its pungent taste. See {Nose} of the face, and {Torture}.] 1. (Bot.) A genus of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Nasturtium gambelii — Conservation status Endangered (E …   Wikipedia

  • nasturtium — ► NOUN ▪ a trailing garden plant with round leaves and bright orange, yellow, or red flowers. ORIGIN Latin, apparently from naris nose + torquere to twist (referring to its pungent scent) …   English terms dictionary

  • nasturtium — [nə stʉr′shəm, nastʉr′shəm] n. [L, kind of cress < * nasitortium, lit., nose twist < nasus, NOSE + pp. of torquere, to turn, twist (see TORT): from the pungent odor of the plant] 1. any of a genus (Tropaeolum, family Tropaeolaceae) of… …   English World dictionary

  • Nasturtium (genus) — For other uses, see Nasturtium (disambiguation). Nasturtium Nasturtium microphyllum, a watercress, in Hawai i Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • nasturtium — /na sterr sheuhm, neuh /, n. any plant of the genus Tropaeolum, cultivated for its showy, usually orange, red, or yellow flowers or for its fruit, which is pickled and used like capers. [1560 70; < L nasturtium, nasturcium a kind of cress, taken… …   Universalium

  • Nasturtium officinale — noun perennial Eurasian cress growing chiefly in springs or running water having fleshy pungent leaves used in salads or as a potherb or garnish; introduced in North America and elsewhere • Syn: ↑common watercress, ↑Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum • …   Useful english dictionary

  • nasturtium — UK [nəˈstɜː(r)ʃ(ə)m] / US [nəˈstɜrʃəm] noun [countable] Word forms nasturtium : singular nasturtium plural nasturtiums a plant with round leaves and red, yellow, or orange flowers …   English dictionary

  • Nasturtium officinale — Water cress Wa ter cress (Bot.) A perennial cruciferous herb ({Nasturtium officinale}) growing usually in clear running or spring water. The leaves are pungent, and used for salad and as an antiscorbutic. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Nasturtium officinale — Cress Cress (kr[e^]s), n.; pl. {Cresses} (kr[e^]s [e^]z). [OE. ces, cresse, kers, kerse, AS. cresse, cerse; akin to D. kers, G. kresse, Dan. karse, Sw. krasse, and possibly also to OHG. chresan to creep.] (Bot.) A plant of various species,… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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