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my head reels

  • 1 reel

    [ri:l] 1. noun
    1) (a round wheel-shaped or cylindrical object of wood, metal etc on which thread, film, fishing-lines etc can be wound: a reel of sewing-cotton; He changed the reel in the projector.) tuljava, kolut
    2) ((the music for) a type of lively Scottish, Irish or American dance: The fiddler played a reel; to dance a reel.) živahen ples
    2. verb
    (to stagger; to sway; to move in an unsteady way: The drunk man reeled along the road; My brain was reeling with all the information that he gave me.) opotekati se
    - reel off
    * * *
    I [ri:l]
    tuljava, motek, vretence; motovilo; zvitek, zmotek, rola filma
    off the reel figuratively hitro eden za drugim, brez prekinitve
    to recite right off the reel — oddrdrati, od začetka do konca hitro in gladko (od)govoriti, recitirati;
    transitive verb
    namotati, naviti na tuljavo, na vretence, na motek; (iz)vleči z namotavanjem; intransitive verb (o kobilicah) oddajati drdrav zvok (kot vrteča se tuljava)
    to reel a fish in — izvleči, potegniti ribo (iz vode) z namotavanjem vrvice (na ribiški pripravi)
    II [ri:l]
    (hitro) obračanje, vrtenje; opotekanje; figuratively vrvenje
    without a reel or a stagger — brez omahovanja;
    intransitive verb
    (o glavi, očeh) vrteti se; imeti vrtoglavico; opotekati se; transitive verb hitro vrteti ( one's partner in a dance — partnerico pri plesu, soplesalko)
    III [ri:l]
    živahen (zlasti škotski) ples; glasba za ta ples;
    intransitive verb
    plesati ta ples

    English-Slovenian dictionary > reel

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