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morsicatio buccarum

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  • Morsicatio buccarum — Classification and external resources ICD 10 K13.1 (ILDS K13.110) Morsicatio buccarum (also known as Chronic cheek biting, and Chronic cheek chewing ) is a cutaneous condition characterized by chronic irritation or injury to the buccal mucosa… …   Wikipedia

  • Morsicatio buccarum — Als Morsicatio buccarum, Linea alba buccalis, Interkalarlinie oder Interkalarleiste wird eine weißliche Linie der Wangenschleimhaut innerhalb des Mundes bezeichnet. Sie befindet sich in Höhe der Kauebene (Okklusionsebene). Es handelt sich hierbei …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • morsicatio — Habitual nibbling of the lips (labiorum), tongue (linguae), or buccal mucosa (buccarum); often produces a shaggy white lesion. [L. biting, fr. mordeo, to bite] m. buccarum white elevations of buccal mucosa caused by the pressure of molar …   Medical dictionary

  • Mucosal lichen planus — Mucosal lichen planus, or oral lichen planus (OLP), is an inflammatory auto immune[citation needed] disease that affects oral mucosa, with or without the involvement of the skin and other mucous membranes. Contents 1 Epidemiology 2 …   Wikipedia

  • Mumps — For other uses of the word Mumps or MUMPS, see Mumps (disambiguation). Mumps Classification and external resources Child with mumps. ICD 10 B …   Wikipedia

  • Drooling — Classification and external resources ICD 10 K11.7 ICD 9 527.7 …   Wikipedia

  • Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis — This article is about the physiologic disorder. For the similarly named band, see Trenchmouth. Necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis/periodontitis Classification and external resources ICD 10 A69.1 ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • Leukoplakia — Classification and external resources The white lesion is an example of leukoplakia. ICD 10 K …   Wikipedia

  • Glossodynia — Classification and external resources ICD 10 K14.6 ICD 9 529.4 …   Wikipedia

  • Xerostomia — Cotton mouth redirects here. For the Cottonmouth snake, see Agkistrodon piscivorus. Xerostomia Classification and external resources ICD 10 K11.7, R68.2 …   Wikipedia

  • Hairy leukoplakia — Classification and external resources ICD 10 K13.3 ICD 9 528.6 …   Wikipedia

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