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mold cell

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  • Mold cell — Полость отливной формы …   Краткий толковый словарь по полиграфии

  • Mold — This article is about the fungi known as molds. Slime molds and water molds are not fungi and are discussed in separate articles. For other uses, see Mold (disambiguation). Mold growth covering a decaying peach. The frames were taken… …   Wikipedia

  • cell — cell1 cell like, adj. /sel/, n. 1. a small room, as in a convent or prison. 2. any of various small compartments or bounded areas forming part of a whole. 3. a small group acting as a unit within a larger organization: a local cell of the… …   Universalium

  • slime mold — 1. any of various funguslike organisms belonging to the phylum Myxomycota, of the kingdom Protista (or the plant class Myxomycetes), characterized by a noncellular, multinucleate, creeping somatic phase and a propagative phase in which fruiting… …   Universalium

  • Programmed cell death — (or PCD) is death of a cell in any form, mediated by an intracellular program.[1][2] PCD is carried out in a regulated process which generally confers advantage during an organism s life cycle. PCD serves fundamental functions during both plant… …   Wikipedia

  • Slime mold — Not to be confused with slime bacteria. Slime mold Stemonitis fusca in Scotland, UK …   Wikipedia

  • Chinese Water Torture Cell — Houdini performing the Chinese Water Torture Cell The Chinese Water Torture Cell is a predicament escape made famous by Hungarian American magician Harry Houdini. The illusion consists of three parts: first, the magician s feet are locked in… …   Wikipedia

  • slime mold — noun a naked mass of protoplasm having characteristics of both plants and animals; sometimes classified as protoctists • Syn: ↑slime mould • Hypernyms: ↑fungus • Hyponyms: ↑true slime mold, ↑acellular slime mold, ↑plasmodi …   Useful english dictionary

  • Contractile vacuole — Protist Paramecium aurelia with contractile vacuoles A contractile vacuole (abbreviation: CV) is a sub cellular structure (organelle) involved in osmoregulation. It is found predominantly in protists and in unicellular algae. It was previously… …   Wikipedia

  • Discoidin domain — F5/8 type C domain Structure of the membrane binding C2 domain of factor VIII.[1] Identifiers Symbol …   Wikipedia

  • alloplasm — n. [Gr. allos, other; plassein, to mold] Cell organelles that serve a special purpose and are not of regular occurrence, such as the neuro and myofibrils, cilia and flagella …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

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