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mobility analysis

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  • mobility analysis — An in depth examination of all aspects of transportation planning in support of operation plan and operation order development …   Military dictionary

  • mobility, social — The movement usually of individuals but sometimes of whole groups between different positions within the system of social stratification in any society. It is conventional to distinguish upward and downward mobility (that is, movement up or down… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Mobility Framework — (MF) is a network simulation framework that supports wireless and mobile simulations within OMNeT++. MF has been developed as the successor of the FraSiMo framework at the Telecommunication Networks Group (TKN), Technical University of Berlin.… …   Wikipedia

  • Mobility aids — Wheelchair user entering a raised bus stop in Curitiba, Brazil Mobility aids are devices designed to assist walking or otherwise improve the mobility of people with a mobility impairment. There are various walking aids which can help with… …   Wikipedia

  • analysis — /euh nal euh sis/, n., pl. analyses / seez /. 1. the separating of any material or abstract entity into its constituent elements (opposed to synthesis). 2. this process as a method of studying the nature of something or of determining its… …   Universalium

  • Ion mobility spectrometer — An ion mobility spectrometer (IMS) is a spectrometer capable of detecting and identifying very low concentrations of chemicals based upon the differential migration of gas phase ions through a homogeneous electric field. IMS devices come in a… …   Wikipedia

  • Social mobility — Sociology …   Wikipedia

  • occupational mobility — Often wrongly called social mobility . It refers to the movement of an occupational group itself, or of an individual member of an occupation, or of an occupational vacancy, through the stratification system of social space. Studies of the Hindu… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Motorola Mobility — Holdings, Inc. Type Public company Traded as NYSE: MMI …   Wikipedia

  • Ion mobility spectrometer — IMS installiert in einem ABC Erkundungskraftwagen Ein Ionen Mobilitäts Spektrometer (engl.: ion mobility spectrometer, IMS) ist ein Gerät zur chemischen Analyse. Es war zuerst unter dem Namen Plasma Chromatograph bekannt geworden und zeichnet… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Semen analysis — Diagnostics Human sperm stained for semen quality testing in the clinical laboratory. HCPCS L2 G0027 …   Wikipedia


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