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  • 1 ad - misceō

        ad - misceō scuī, xtus    (mīstus), ēre, to add so as to form a mixture, mix with, admix: admixto calore: ille (aër) multo calore admixtus est: aquae calorem. — Fig., to mingle, mix in with: huic generi orationis illud alterum: versūs admisceri orationi. — To add, join, mingle, merge in, scatter through: antesignanos, among the cavalry, Cs.: stirpem admisceri Phrygiam, that a Phrygian stock is mixed (with ours), V.: his Antonianos milites, Cs.—To implicate, mix up: ne me admisceas, T.—With se or pass, to mix oneself up, interfere, meddle: ne te admisce, T.: ad id consilium admiscear?

    Latin-English dictionary > ad - misceō

  • 2 admīxtus

        admīxtus    P. of admisceo.
    * * *
    admixta, admixtum ADJ
    mixed; contaminated; not simple; confused
    mixture, admixture, mingling

    Latin-English dictionary > admīxtus

  • 3 adulter

        adulter tera, adj.    [ad + 2 AL-], adulterous, unchaste: coniunx, O.: crines, seductive, H. — As subst, m. and f an adulterer, adulteress: sororis, adulterous seducer of: Lacaena, i. e. Helen, H.— A paramour, seducer, H.
    * * *
    adultera, adulterum ADJ
    impure/adulterated; mixed/crossbred (plant); adulterous, unchaste; of adulterer; forged/counterfeit; debased (coinage)

    adulter clavis -- skeleton/false key

    adulterer; illicit lover, paramour; offspring of unlawful love, bastard (eccl.)

    Latin-English dictionary > adulter

  • 4 adulterīnus

        adulterīnus adj.    [adulter], false, forged, counterfeit: nummus: signa, a false seal.
    * * *
    adulterina, adulterinum ADJ
    counterfeit, forged, false; impure, mixed, crossbred; adulterous, illicit

    Latin-English dictionary > adulterīnus

  • 5 chara

        chara ae, f    a wild cabbage, Cs.
    * * *
    edible root, mixed with milk/forms loaf to stave off hunger (Caesar CW III)

    Latin-English dictionary > chara

  • 6 cōnfūsus

        cōnfūsus adj. with comp.    [P. of confundo], mingled, confused, perplexed, disorderly: strages, V.: oratio: verba, O.: suffragium, L.: clamor, of doubtful origin, L. — Disordered, confused: mens, V.: animo, L.: variā imagine rerum, V.: animi, L.: os, blushing, O.: confusior facies, Ta.: ex recenti morsu animi, L.
    * * *
    confusa -um, confusior -or -us, confusissimus -a -um ADJ
    mixed together/jumbled/disordered; in disorder; indistinct; inarticulate; confused/perplexed, troubled; vague/indefinite, obscure; embarrassed/blushing

    Latin-English dictionary > cōnfūsus

  • 7 farrāgō

        farrāgō inis, f    [far], mixed fodder, mash: crassa, V.— A medley, hodge-podge: libelli, Iu.
    * * *
    mixed fodder, mash; mixture, medley; a hodgepodge; trifle

    Latin-English dictionary > farrāgō

  • 8 misceō

        misceō miscuī, mīxtus, ēre,    to mix, mingle, intermingle, blend: picem sulphure, S.: (sortes) pueri manu miscentur: mella Falerno, H.: nectare aquas, O.: Fulgores operi, V.: fletum cruori, O.: cum undis miscentur aquae, O.: mixtos in sanguine dentīs, scattered, V.—To unite, have intercourse: sanguinem ac genus, intermarry, L.: corpus cum aliquā: per conubia Gaetulos secum, S.: se tibi, O.—To mix, prepare: alteri mulsum: miscenda Cum Styge vina bibas, i. e. you shall die, O.: nullis aconita propinquis, Iu.—To mingle, unite, assemble, associate, join: (se) viris, V.: circa regem densae Miscentur (apes), gather thickly, V.: mixtis lustrabo Maenala nymphis (i. e. permixtus nymphis), V.: tres legiones in unam, Ta.: desertos sibi, i. e. fraternize with, Ta.: volnera, inflict on one another, V.: certamina, L.: proelia, V.: manūs, Pr.—To throw into confusion, disturb, confound, embroil: magno misceri murmure pontum, V.: miscent se maria, V.: mixto agmine, in disorder, V.: ignes murmura miscent, confound their thunders, V.: incendia, scatter, V.—To overturn, confound, make a disturbance in, move, upturn: caelum ac terras, L.: caelum terris et mare caelo, Iu.—Fig., to mix, mingle, unite, join, associate: cuius animum cum suo misceat: aliquid de nostris moribus, add, Iu.: haec ita mixta fuerunt, ut temperata nullo fuerint modo, mixed... by no means harmonized: utile dulci, H.: mixtus aliquo deus, transformed into, Pr.—To throw into confusion, embroil, disturb, confound: fortuna miscere omnia coepit, S.: rem p. malis contionibus: plura, to cause more disturbance: plurima, N.: sacra profanis, H.: fors et virtus miscentur in unum, contend together, V.—To stir up, excite, concoct: Ita tu istaec tua misceto, ne me admisceas, T.: nova quaedam misceri et concitari mala videbam.
    * * *
    miscere, miscui, mixtus V
    mix, mingle; embroil; confound; stir up

    Latin-English dictionary > misceō

  • 9 mola

        mola ae, f    [MAL-], a millstone, grindstone: digni molam versare Nepotis, Iu.— Plur, a mill: pumiceae, of lava, O.— Grits, spelt coarsely ground and mixed with salt (strewn on victims at sacrifices): spargis molā caput salsā, H.: sparge molam, V.: molam et vinum inspergere.
    * * *
    millstone; ground meal; mill (pl.)

    salsa mola -- salted meal, for sacrifices

    Latin-English dictionary > mola

  • 10 mulsum

        mulsum ī, n    honey-wine, mead, wine mixed with honey: (venenum) cum daretur in mulso: frigidum.
    * * *
    honeyed wine; (common Roman drink of honey mixed into wine)

    Latin-English dictionary > mulsum

  • 11 nothus

        nothus adj., νότηοσ, illegitimate, born out of wedlock (of a known father): Antiphaten... Thebanā de matre nothum Sarpedonis alti, V.—Of animals, mixed, mongrel, V.— False, counterfeit: lumen, Ct.
    * * *
    notha, nothum ADJ
    illegitimate (known father); cross-bred, mixed, mongrel; false, spurious

    Latin-English dictionary > nothus

  • 12 prōmiscus

        prōmiscus adj.    [pro+MIC-], in common, indiscriminate, promiscuous: usus rerum omnium, L.—As subst n.: nec arma in promisco, i. e. in every man's hands, Ta.— Common, mean: promisca ac vilia mercari, Ta.
    * * *
    promisca, promiscum ADJ
    mixed, indiscriminate, promiscuous; commonplace, usual

    Latin-English dictionary > prōmiscus

  • 13 prō-miscuus

        prō-miscuus adj.    [pro+MIC-], mixed, without distinction, in common, indiscriminate, promiscuous: conubia, i. e. between patricians and plebeians, L.: divina atque humana promiscua habere, S.— As subst n.: in promiscuo sacra sint, in confusion, L.: in promiscuo licentiam esse, i. e. universal, L.

    Latin-English dictionary > prō-miscuus

  • 14 absenthium

    wormwood; absinthe, infusion/tincture of wormwood (often mixed with honey)

    Latin-English dictionary > absenthium

  • 15 absinthium

    wormwood; absinthe, infusion/tincture of wormwood (often mixed with honey)
    II III
    wormwood; absinthe, infusion/tincture of wormwood (often mixed with honey)

    Latin-English dictionary > absinthium

  • 16 absinthius

    absinthia, absinthium ADJ
    containing wormwood (e.g., wine); (often mixed with honey to mask taste)
    wormwood; absinthe, infusion/tincture of wormwood (often mixed with honey)

    Latin-English dictionary > absinthius

  • 17 absynthium

    wormwood; absinthe, infusion/tincture of wormwood (often mixed with honey)

    Latin-English dictionary > absynthium

  • 18 aceratus

    acerata, aceratum ADJ
    mixed with chaff/husks (of clay for bricklaying); without horns (L+S)

    Latin-English dictionary > aceratus

  • 19 adulteratus

    adulterata, adulteratum ADJ
    mixed, adulterated; produced by crossbreeding; of mixed decent/origin

    Latin-English dictionary > adulteratus

  • 20 alienigenus

    alienigena, alienigenum ADJ
    different, foreign, alien; of/born in another country; imported, exotic; mixed

    Latin-English dictionary > alienigenus

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