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minimum safe altitude

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  • Minimum safe altitude — Minimum safe altitude(MSA) is a concept used in planning and executing aircraft flights. It is an altitude which allows adequate vertical clearance from nearby terrain and manmade obstacles, and allows proper navigational functions. Contents 1… …   Wikipedia

  • minimum safe altitude — mažiausiasis saugus aukštis statusas T sritis Gynyba apibrėžtis Absoliutusis aukštis, žemiau kurio skristi yra pavojinga dėl aukštų antžeminių arba kitokių kliūčių. atitikmenys: angl. minimum safe altitude; safety height pranc. altitude de… …   NATO terminų aiškinamasis žodynas

  • minimum safe altitude — The altitude below which it is hazardous to fly because of the presence of high ground or other obstacles. MSAs are published for emergency use on instrument approach procedure (IAP) charts except RNAV (area navigation) IAPs. The MSA is defined… …   Aviation dictionary

  • minimum safe altitude — The altitude below which it is hazardous to fly owing to presence of high ground or other obstacles …   Military dictionary

  • Minimum Safe Altitude Warning — (MSAW) is an automated warning system for air traffic controllers (ATCO). It is a ground based safety net intended to warn the controller about increased risk of controlled flight into terrain accidents by generating, in a timely manner, an alert …   Wikipedia

  • minimum safe altitude warning — A function of the ARTS (automated radar terminal system) III computer that aids the controller by alerting him or her when a tracked mode C equipped aircraft is below, or is predicted to go below, a predetermined safe altitude. See also automated …   Aviation dictionary

  • en route minimum safe altitude warning — A function of the NAS (National Airspace System) stage A en route computer, which aids the controller by alerting a tracked aircraft when it is below, or predicted by the computer to go below, a predetermined minimum IFR (instrument flight rules) …   Aviation dictionary

  • Minimum reception altitude — In aviation, minimum reception altitude (MRA) is the lowest altitude on an airway segment where an aircraft can be assured of receiving signals from navigation aids like VOR or NDB. Typically, the greater the distance between navigation aids, the …   Wikipedia

  • minimum IFR altitude — The lowest IFR (instrument flight rules) altitude established for use in a specific airspace. Depending on the airspace concerned, the minimum IFR altitude may be a minimum obstacle clearance altitude (MOCA), a minimum en route altitude (MEA), a… …   Aviation dictionary

  • Minimum safety altitude — Altitude specified at the flight planning stage as the minimum altitude that can be descended to in order to maintain safe terrain separation. Generally, for VFR flight, a safe margin would be; Take a terrain elevation of 1,250 ft above mean sea… …   Wikipedia

  • minimum attack altitude — The lowest altitude determined by the tactical use of weapons, terrain consideration, and weapons effects that permits the safe conduct of an air attack and/or minimizes effective enemy counteraction …   Military dictionary