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minimal sequence

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  • Minimal residual disease — (MRD) is the name given, to small numbers of leukaemic cells that remain in the patient during treatment, or after treatment when the patient is in remission (no symptoms or signs of disease). It is the major cause of relapse in cancer and… …   Wikipedia

  • Minimal prime (recreational mathematics) — For the term in commutative algebra, see Minimal prime (commutative algebra). In recreational number theory, a minimal prime is a prime number for which there is no shorter subsequence of its digits in a given base that form a prime. In base 10… …   Wikipedia

  • Minimal model program — In algebraic geometry, the minimal model program is part of the birational classification of algebraic varieties. Its goal is to construct a birational model of any complex projective variety which is as simple as possible. The subject has its… …   Wikipedia

  • Minimal model (birational geometry) — In algebraic geometry, more specifically in the field of birational geometry, the theory of minimal models is part of the birational classification of algebraic varieties. Its goal is to construct, given a variety satisying certain restrictions,… …   Wikipedia

  • Minimal volume — In mathematics, in particular in differential geometry, the minimal volume is a number that describes one aspect of a Riemannian manifold s topology. This invariant was introduced by Mikhail Gromov. Contents 1 Definition 2 Related topological… …   Wikipedia

  • Minimal negation operator — In logic and mathematics, the minimal negation operator u! is a multigrade operator ( u {k}) {k in mathbb{N where each u {k}! is a k ary boolean function defined in such a way that u {k}(x 1, ldots , x k) = 1 if and only if exactly one of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Minimal models — In theoretical physics, the minimal models are a very concrete well defined type of rational conformal field theory. The individual minimal models are parameterized by two integers p,q that are moreover related for the unitary minimal models. The …   Wikipedia

  • Sequence breaking — In computer and video games, sequence breaking is the act of performing actions or obtaining items out of the intended linear order, or of skipping “required” actions or items entirely. Sequence breaking is often used to beat a game unusually… …   Wikipedia

  • Liste d'espèces eubactériennes dont le génome est séquencé — Cette liste d espèces eubactériennes dont le génome est séquencé (qui peut ne pas être à jour) présente une liste d espèces d Eubacteria dont le génome a été séquencé. La plupart de ces séquences ont été publiées dans des bases de données… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Complete sequence — In mathematics, an integer sequence is called a complete sequence if every positive integer can be expressed as a sum of values in the sequence, using each value at most once. For example, the sequence of powers of two {1, 2, 4, 8, ...}, based on …   Wikipedia

  • March 2006 tornado outbreak sequence — Tornado damage in Springfield, Illinois Date of tornado outbreak: March 9 13, 2006 Duration1: 4 days, 14 hours, 45 minutes Maximum rated tornado …   Wikipedia

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