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metabolic disorder

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  • metabolic disorder — noun a disorder or defect of metabolism • Hypernyms: ↑disorder, ↑upset • Hyponyms: ↑alkaptonuria, ↑alcaptonuria, ↑inborn error of metabolism, ↑lipidosis, ↑lysine intolerance …   Useful english dictionary

  • metabolic disorder — A condition in which normal metabolic processes are disrupted, usually because of a missing enzyme …   English dictionary of cancer terms

  • metabolic disease — ▪ pathology Introduction       any of the diseases or disorders that disrupt normal metabolism, the process of converting food to energy on a cellular (cell) level. Thousands of enzymes participating in numerous interdependent metabolic pathways… …   Universalium

  • Metabolic bone disease — Classification and external resources MeSH D001851 Metabolic bone disease is an umbrella term referring to abnormalities of bones caused by a broad spectrum of disorders. Most commonly these disorders are caused by abnormalities of minerals such… …   Wikipedia

  • Metabolic myopathy — Metabolic myopathies are Myopathies that result from defects in biochemical metabolism that primarily affect muscle. They include: 1 Glycogen storage diseases 2 Lipid storage disorder 3 Phosphocreatine stores disorder External links Metabolic… …   Wikipedia

  • Metabolic acidosis — Classification and external resources Davenport diagram ICD 10 E …   Wikipedia

  • Metabolic alkalosis — Classification and external resources Davenport diagram ICD 10 E …   Wikipedia

  • Metabolic syndrome — Dysmetabolic syndrome X Classification and external resources An obese male. Weight 146 kg/322 lbs, height 177 cm/5 ft 10 in. The body mass index is 46. ICD 9 …   Wikipedia

  • Disorder, specific developmental — A disorder that selectively affects one area of development, sparing essentially all other areas of development. For example, dysgraphia is one type of specific developmental disorder. In dysgraphia there is inability to write legibly. Problems… …   Medical dictionary

  • metabolic cirrhosis — cirrhosis associated with a metabolic disease such as hemochromatosis, Wilson disease, glycogen storage disease, galactosemia, or a disorder of amino acid metabolism …   Medical dictionary

  • metabolic cataract — an opacity due to an endocrine or biochemical disorder …   Medical dictionary

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