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lucid dream

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  • Lucid dream — A lucid dream is a dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. The term was coined by the Dutch psychiatrist and writer Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860–1932).[1] In a lucid dream, the dreamer can actively participate in and manipulate… …   Wikipedia

  • lucid dream —    Also known as dreaming true . The term lucid dream is indebted to the Latin adjective lucidus, which means shining, luminescent, clear. It was introduced in or shortly before 1913 by the Dutch psychiatrist and author Frederik van Eeden (1860… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • lucid dream — noun A dream in which one is conscious that one is dreaming as the dream is occurring. James had a lucid dream on Saturday, and he was able to control its aspects …   Wiktionary

  • Lucid Dream — Ein Klartraum oder auch luzider Traum (von lat. lūcēre „hell“, „scheinen“, „lichtvoll“) ist ein Traum, in dem der Träumer sich bewusst ist, dass er träumt. Die Theorie des luziden Träumens geht davon aus, dass sowohl das bewusste Träumen als auch …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • pre-lucid dream —    A term introduced in or shortly before 1968 by the British author Celia Elizabeth Green (b. 1935) to denote a *dream state during which the dreamer starts to wonder whether he or she is really awake, and may or may not come to the correct… …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • Pre-lucid dream — A pre lucid dream is one in which the dreamer considers the question, Am I asleep and dreaming? The dreamer may or may not come to the correct conclusion. Such experiences are liable to occur to people who are deliberately cultivating lucid… …   Wikipedia

  • Lucid living — is a way of life called by analogy with its dreamtime counterpart lucid dreaming. Practitioners of lucid living consider normal waking time experience to be an unreal dream, something like false awakening in a lucid dream.The lucid living mindset …   Wikipedia

  • Dream world (plot device) — Dream world (also called dream realm or illusory realm) is a commonly used plot device in fictional works, most notably in science fiction and fantasy fiction. The use of a dream world creates a situation whereby a character (or group of… …   Wikipedia

  • Dream incubation — is a practiced technique of learning to plant a seed in the mind, in order for a specific dream topic to occur, either for recreation or to attempt to solve a problem. For example, a person might go to bed repeating to themselves that they will… …   Wikipedia

  • Dream — For other uses, see Dream (disambiguation). The Knight s Dream , 1655, by Antonio de Pereda Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep …   Wikipedia

  • Dream yoga — Part of a series on Tibetan Buddhism …   Wikipedia