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  • ev|a|nes|cent — «EHV uh NEHS uhnt», adjective. gradually disappearing; soon passing away; vanishing: »the evanescent beauty of the sunset. SYNONYM(S): transitory, ephemeral. ╂[< Latin ēvānēscens, entis present participle of ēvānēscere; see etym. under… …   Useful english dictionary

  • ju|ve|nes|cent — «JOO vuh NEHS uhnt», adjective. growing young again; youthful. ╂[< Latin juvenēscēns, entis, present participle of juvenēscere < juvenis young (person)] …   Useful english dictionary

  • lu|mi|nes|cent — «LOO muh NEHS uhnt», adjective. 1. giving out light without being much heated. 2. having to do with luminescence. ╂[< Latin lūmen, inis light1 + escent] …   Useful english dictionary

  • ev·a·nes·cent — …   Useful english dictionary

  • bi|o|lu|mi|nes|cent — «BY oh LOO muh NEHS uhnt», adjective. showing bioluminescence; phosphorescent …   Useful english dictionary

  • ca|nes|cent — «kuh NEHS uhnt», adjective. 1. becoming grayish or dull white; whitish. 2. Botany. having a grayish or hoary pubescence (soft down). ╂[< Latin cānēscēns, entis, present participle of cānēscere grow hoary < cānus hoary] …   Useful english dictionary

  • chem|i|lu|mi|nes|cent — «KEHM uh LOO muh NEHS uhnt», adjective. producing or produced by chemiluminescence …   Useful english dictionary

  • e|lec|tro|lu|mi|nes|cent — «ih LEHK troh LOO muh NEHS uhnt», adjective. having the properties of electroluminescence: »electroluminescent lighting …   Useful english dictionary

  • ig|nes|cent — «ihg NEHS uhnt», adjective, noun. –adj. 1. bursting into flame; kindling. 2. giving off sparks of fire, as certain stones when struck with steel. –n. an ignescent substance. ╂[< Latin ignēscēns, entis, present participle of ignēscere take fire …   Useful english dictionary

  • re|ju|ve|nes|cent — «rih JOO vuh NEHS uhnt», adjective. 1. becoming young again. 2. making young again …   Useful english dictionary

  • se|nes|cent — «suh NEHS uhnt», adjective. growing old; beginning to show old age. ╂[< Latin senēscēns, entis, present participle of senēscere grow old, related to senex, senis old] …   Useful english dictionary


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